874 Commits (b5b5a583027cb864fdf6ad0a3ae2e89577a434a5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dan Lilja b5b5a58302
Bugfix/version file creation (#1475) 5 months ago
Kenix3 d6d7ffd3da
Update README.md 5 months ago
Rozelette 66c2fdaacd
Fix unused dynamic link shadow for possible future enhancement (#1495) 5 months ago
MoriyaFaith f6fa3c74c7
Main commit (#1369) 5 months ago
MoriyaFaith 22c963c0a0
only change (#1474) 5 months ago
Josh Bodner e97ba37a5e
Port Dampe behavior to vanilla (#1364) 5 months ago
briaguya b18cc9d628
Temporary Fishing Fixes for rando (#1525) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 978b325a30
Fixes save lag on Switch (#1499) 5 months ago
qurious-pixel 006506240f
[APPIMAGE] Disable AppImageLauncher integration (#1469) 5 months ago
Garrett Cox f712068a17
[579] Add simulated input lag option (#1438) 5 months ago
Josh Bodner 55e79cd9d2 Add ability to disable fish randomly escaping 5 months ago
Rozelette c9aafcf7c5
Add hack to load bss texture in ovl_En_Jsjutan (fixes #69) (#1482) 5 months ago
Garrett Cox 34d6212ab2
[#1336] Fix issues with gFasterHeavyBlockLift (#1476) 5 months ago
louist103 e76890a796
Update XMLs from upstream (#1448) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett e2e0a070ea
Fixes copying save files on the switch (#1478) 5 months ago
aMannus d53c8588e2
Fix: Unbreak Wii U sliders (#1486) 5 months ago
briaguya 941cf65227
use strnlen for c string empty check (#1352) 5 months ago
aMannus e1f95a5ad9
ImGui Switch/Wii U slider fixes (#1371) 5 months ago
lilDavid 18a26b480e
Use Color_RGB8 CVars in z_message_PAL (#1372) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 67bbeca809
Another fix for getting items near critters. (#1332) 5 months ago
Josh Bodner eda5a6ac91
Fix blocks not being pushed all the way (#1363) 5 months ago
Kenix3 a2d4f4766d
Fixes crash handler for jenkins builds. (#1445) 5 months ago
Sarge-117 a9f3aedf8e
Enhanced Magic Arrows (non-rando) (#1376) 5 months ago
lilDavid 9686a7ca4c
Add Items submenu to Enhancements > Gameplay (#1410) 5 months ago
GaryOderNichts e80e3440e1
wiiu: package SoH as a homebrew bundle (#1427) 5 months ago
Kenix3 4cda92462a
Lowers severity of resource manager logging. 5 months ago
Kenix3 4a0269b3b1
Increment version 5 months ago
louist103 4d81c28738
boxes (#1428) 5 months ago
aMannus 3b844375b7
Add missing pendingFlags (#1414) 5 months ago
aMannus f1dc980de8 Fixed autobreak after ImGui cleanup 5 months ago
briaguya 6daf357fd9
fix include fix build (#1385) 5 months ago
Baoulettes d2fa0d6485 Rando: Fix Fast File Select seed loading (#1252) 5 months ago
Ada b14fb37b81 Update libultraship/libultraship/Lib/Fast3D/gfx_pc.cpp 5 months ago
Ada edb5261b07 Fixes ToT Fog 5 months ago
louist103 8118947ab0
Windows crash handler. (#1383) 5 months ago
David Chavez 0ce0ab1260
Phase 1: Separate ImGui Drawing From LUS (#1310) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 64aca78450
Fixes Switch/Wii U crashes with Wonder Rupees and Bottleable Entities (#1360) 5 months ago
louist103 584a4ad818
Linux crash handler (#1209) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett bf505dba5c
Fixes keys, maps, and compasses on develop-zhora rando (#1338) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 776219fb52
Backports a fix for sheik checks from rando-next (#1340) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett a572c11f4f
Fixes ice trap gidata not getting cleared after trap is sprung. (#1322) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 05136c13b7
Fixes Link getting Song as pocket item (#1326) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett c2fed1a382
Fixes Lost Woods Bridge Ice Trap in Rando (#1313) 5 months ago
Christopher Leggett 90067be132
Fixes Dungeon Rewards from Song from Impa (#1311) 5 months ago
Kenix3 80863fc7f2 Moves class member functions from headers to compilation units. 5 months ago
Baoulettes c0b9171f98
Cosmetics Editor Fixes (#1287) 5 months ago
Ada b70ad81f57
Add platform specific OTR instructions to readme (#1291) 5 months ago
Kenix3 0573a1b2ac Adds const to DirtyDirectory std::string 6 months ago
Kenix3 b774252f0c ResourceMgr now decreases priority of load messages to trace. 6 months ago
Kenix3 3792b03a7d Cleans up InputEditor class. 6 months ago