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GaryOderNichts 108cd8efc8
Fix crash if LoadFile fails (#265) 1 year ago
KiritoDev fe3e534938
Implemented overlay command and api (#289)
* Added overlay command

* Moved Overlays to GameOverlay

* Added custom text size calculation

* Fixed string cvar load and added fipps font
1 year ago
sholdee ea78c7ea1e
Add Linux build stage to Jenkinsfile (#270)
* Add Linux build stage to Jenkinsfile

* Update Jenkinsfile

* Add OTRGui

* Pull in ZAPD.out to assets/extractor

* Switch to 7z for artifacts
1 year ago
Random 09432ee7f4
Linux/GCC Support (#28)
* Initial Linux/GCC support commit

* Add instructins for linux in the README

* apply suggestions by @Erotemic and @Emill

* Fix python 3.10 symlink line

* Fix func_80041E80 type mismatch (#3)

Type mismatch functions.h:664

* Makefile: clean OTRExporter/libultraship/ZAPDTR with distclean and fix CXX_FILES

* Makefile: find C/CXX_FILES automatically

* Makefile: remove ugly conditions in find commands

* cleanup _MSC_VER usage

* fix Windows build

* cleanup extraction scripts

* fix Windows build

* Fix Windows path separator issue

* fix rumble support for linux

* use glew-cmake in dockerfile

* add pulseaudio backend

* fix ZAPDTR linkage

* Check for "soh.elf" in directory (#6)

hide second button if `soh.exe` or `soh.elf` is present

* Fix hardcoded segment addresses (#5)

* fix condition

* hack lus -> soh dep for ZAPDTR

Co-authored-by: sholdee <>
Co-authored-by: qurious-pixel <>
Co-authored-by: GaryOderNichts <>
1 year ago
KiritoDev 2e1a0b5144
Normalized imgui and added texture filter (#271)
* Normalized imgui and added texture filter and fixed develop

* Fixed incorrect separator title
1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns e55dcfa0a0
Merge branch 'HarbourMasters:develop' into develop 1 year ago
Baoulettes 091983b3e3
Cleaning bool check and now use proper variable. (#261)
Baou is a noob and confirming it everyday.
1 year ago
Baoulettes 47331a904f
Title card offsets fix. (#258)
was missing (uintptr_t) x4
1 year ago
KiritoDev 3d85fa1f3f
Fixes SohImGui compilation (#259) 1 year ago
MegaMech 1b7a613054
Fix link to build instructions (#219)
* Fix link to build instructions

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update
1 year ago
earthcrafterman 5bb7e94cc4
Adds a slider that lets players multiply King Zora's speed by up to 5x. (#238) 1 year ago
Baoulettes f1e85d1e72
Bosses title cards fixes (#247)
* Boss title fixes.

* Proper X/Y/H/W

* Proper x,y,w,h

* Proper X,Y,W,H

* Actually had wrong height (was 32, should be 40)

* one of the last x,y,h,w fix

* WIP really need a better way to check it.

* Fix Ganondorf title card.

* better conditional logic

* No more workaround!

* Add two var in the TitleCardContext structures

* Added hasTranslation to Phantom Ganon's Horse

funny how that the horse that hold the title card.

* Add hasTranslation to Dodongo.

* Revert workaround and add hasTranslation=false

* Added hasTranslation to big piggy Ganon

* Add hasTranslation to Gohma

* Add hasTranslation to Morpha

* Add hasTranslation to Twins first part.

* Add hastranslation to that eletro "dude"

* Add hastranslation to bongo bongo

* Added hasTranslation to airwing v2

* add hasTranslation to TitleCard_InitBossName init

* isBossCard to true now that I can confirm it work

imagine in TitleCard_InitBossName setting isBossCard to false...

* no need to use bool there is seem to not like it

* change bool to s16
1 year ago
KiritoDev c5f120b6f8
Fixed Lens of truth and sandstorm to be widescreen (#254) 1 year ago
Baoulettes 8c18b4b057
Fix dungeon entrance icon + feature (#252)
* Add Cvar stuff and fix dungeon entrance icons

* Added Cvar toggles

* Move fixes to fix sub menu
1 year ago
Ralphie Morell 43294d66b5
Fix Cheat Menuing (#237)
* readded cheats to menu; fixed bug with freezing time

* removed extraneous dev tools section
1 year ago
Baoulettes 18d2bac409
Languages selection menu (#232)
* Adding Languages section

* Added LanguagesSection

* Register the Cvar

* Added switcher method

* Added Language selection menu + function

* function ref.

* Conflict fixes to be sure nothing else is modded

* space removed

* no need to have conditions since ID are the same
1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns e646f80f41 Fixed Gyroscopy Settings & Drift 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns c99f10169e Fixed Gyroscopy Settings & Drift 1 year ago
rozlette d0c5e7aa0e Add collision viewer 1 year ago
rozlette e4dd7027a9 POC 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren d009c2a539 Workaround Intel OpenGL driver in get pixel depth 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren 8526e3ee2a Add back no-near-clipping which was accidentally removed 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren 589557be9c Reduce input lag by one frame by reading the controller at the correct place 1 year ago
sholdee 5b52e7e570 Commit Jenkinsfile to develop 1 year ago
Ada 86869085cd Fixes shop UI for text speed (actually this time)
Realised my previous PR targetted the wrong line in `z_message_pal`, this might fix other issues people were having, haven't tested yet.
1 year ago
Ada ffaafb8b4e Fixes visual bug in shops when above 2x text speed 1 year ago
KiritoDev 4f72923fcd Removed zMin that causes to disable the fall from the cascade 1 year ago
KiritoDev 4a8a7f5c7d Fixed gerudo valley entrance to lho 1 year ago
KiritoDev c7ad92e09a Fixed lake hylia water collision 1 year ago
Sirius902 444026038e Fix cvar crash 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami 8828d8a170 Minor cleanup 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami 4c74acdd29 Combined message table xmls 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami bd5a563dae Implemented PAL language support. 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami c66c874549 Fixed merge issues 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami 700bce684d Removed redundant parameters in GameSettings 1 year ago
Sirius902 2425ffe27b Put hookshot reticle on TITLE_CARD_DISP

Remove no-ops
1 year ago
Sirius902 f5d983d06b Put hookshot reticle on TITLE_CARD_DISP 1 year ago
KiritoDev 73194eee14 Removed DirtyDirectory on kaleido 1 year ago
KiritoDev 60cbfd67be Fixed master volume slider 1 year ago
Zion 02930be9ee Update SohImGuiImpl.cpp
Added back EndMenu into the Cheats section. Preventing the dropdown from expanding across the screen.

Co-Authored-By: IShallRiseAgain <>
1 year ago
Sirius902 eea5135d62
Rumble cvar and fixes (#184)
* Rumble indefinitely until turned off

* Add rumble cvar

* Register CVar

* Check if controller can rumble to insert rumble pak

* Reduce verbosity of checks

* Remove extraneous const_cast

* Once again remove extraneous const_cast

* Add per-controller settings

* Add nice spacing

* Only display controller entry if pad connected

* Const some stuff
1 year ago
KiritoDev 486f673df5 Fixed develop 1 year ago
Ada 1f663dda7b Adds exception for text speed in the case of ocarina playing 1 year ago
Baoulettes 9c2c443a6a
Fix Title card name for FRA and GER (#204) 1 year ago
Baoulettes 0e6ca5361e
Fix L/R buttons color in Kaleido menu (#172)
* Fix L/R buttons color in Kaleido menu.

I know this is a bug even official game but that definitely a logic bug.
That could be considered are a mods.
This make both button L and R have the same color on Hover and normal.

* Update z_kaleido_scope_PAL.c

* Condition to be on

Added condition to be on only if toggled on

* Cvar registers

* bool addition

* Added the item in menu

* Added bool in bootcommands

By default it is on.

* Hide and make it forced on by default

* Hide menu entry for that fix
1 year ago
IShallRiseAgain b82871e62f
Added custom color support for Tunic and Navi (#98) 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren 4869eea968 Fix random crash in z_construct 1 year ago
KiritoDev 6991549cde Removed ternary operator 1 year ago
KiritoDev f5f2205d0f Removed stdio and added documentation 1 year ago
KiritoDev 0ea9612b7e Moved vismono effect to the gpu 1 year ago