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Emill 529c5f642d
Don't copy skybox textures (#129) 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami c80f9fbd57
Added support for multiple game versions (#107) 1 year ago
Andrew Piper 572e9fb9d0
Add an enhancement for a minimal ui. (#102) 1 year ago
MegaMech e7e80c2c95
Clarified compiliation step (#127) 1 year ago
Kenix3 8bb9dd8aba
Update README.md 1 year ago
Kenix3 438fa8954c
Update README.md 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren 5d967f8e8c Don't crash if glClipControl is not available 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami 511397c34b
Merge pull request #113 from Sirius902/item-fix 1 year ago
kev4cards 5505336a8a
Replace uAxisThreshold with appropriate constant for octagon clamping (#83) 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns 98ddacef01
Fixed PS5 gyro & Added GUI calibration button (#78) 1 year ago
Torphedo 6aa8894125
Remove unnecessary warnings (#42) 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns e1be01cb6d Fixed rupee drops from bushes during title screen 1 year ago
MaikelChan f3fe43b912 Fixed Link's sword being cut in preview in pause menu. 1 year ago
ProjectRevoTPP 25468cf722 Add cheats menu. 1 year ago
Sirius902 dae8035314 Load controller db from file 1 year ago
Sirius902 4a24b5afb4 Use else if 1 year ago
Sirius902 a9b56e78e2 Fix aiming items 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren d528160684 Fix triforce vertex count 1 year ago
MaikelChan 3ab0c45bdb
Fixed window not properly disposing raylib and OpenGL when closing. (#59) 1 year ago
MegaMech 2722b688be
Merge pull request #56 from MaikelChan/window_drag 1 year ago
MaikelChan 2da6a2a78f
Improved window dragging. 1 year ago
MegaMech 8a565f910a
Update README.md 1 year ago
MegaMech 2a92ae5278
Update README.md 1 year ago
Nicholas Estelami 4a05b32755
Merge pull request #11 from MegaMech/readme 1 year ago
MegaMech f93d3c1af6
Update README.md 1 year ago
MegaMech 54d997bf64 Update README.md 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns ae05072191 Fixed Gyro not working 1 year ago
M4xw 2a33fe7254 Add resource description and rum icon 1 year ago
M4xw 6426f97988 [ZAPDTR] Minor changes for CreateDirectory 1 year ago
M4xw 4135e3c936 [OTRGui] Fix dirscan behaviour 1 year ago
KiritoDev 8d53e09269 Thread pool prototype 1 year ago
KiritoDev becfaa2cfb Fixed console being on the corner 1 year ago
MegaMech 35e6c0360e Update README.md 1 year ago
KiritoDev d116148ccb Disabled multithreading 1 year ago
Kenix3 1fed43324c
Sets default GFX backend to OpenGL 1 year ago
Kenix3 4bf88493af
Enough! My ship sails in the morning. 1 year ago
M4xw 5dda5762ba git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/ZAPDTR.git 1 year ago
M4xw f52a2a6406 git subrepo clone (merge) https://github.com/HarbourMasters/otrgui.git OTRGui 1 year ago
M4xw 442a88f03b git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/OTRExporter.git 1 year ago
M4xw d24c8453db git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/libultraship.git 1 year ago
M4xw 39cc86c260 git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/soh.git 1 year ago
Kenix3 0bb0e7b53b
Enough! My ship sails in the morning. 1 year ago