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Kenix d3c869871d Merge branch 'zelda64' of into zelda64 1 year ago
Kenix 7a4da43d7b Audio code converted to uintptr_t 1 year ago
Ada 9f82457830 Adds option for shorter biggoron quest 1 year ago
KiritoDev 8bb988675d Fixed soh filters 1 year ago
PurpleHato 076887e71f
TWEAK: Submenus for the enhancement menu (#343)
* TWEAK: Submenus for the enhancement menu

original PR was #322 closed it because I messed it

* Fix for Assignable Tunics and Boots
1 year ago
Emill d8d1388ec6
Optimize away memory allocations (#340) 1 year ago
MegaMech bd6e637fee
Readme/ changes (#262)
* add python version requirement to

extract_assets uses match statements which were added in python version 3.10

* update wording/version on python requirement removes the 3.10 specific match statements, dropping the python version requirement to 3.6.

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* switch python link to download page

* Fixed SHA-1 for retail ROM

* Added discord link

Co-authored-by: briaguya <>
Co-authored-by: InfoManiac742 <>
1 year ago
Rozelette 6dbb085a82
Add equipable tunics/boots (#328) 1 year ago
Emill b9c5b34eba
Fix strict aliasing issues (#342)
Should fix linux build on -O2.
1 year ago
Baoulettes a72ebbe84d
ACTOR_EN_FLOORMAS splitting fix (#311)
* Fix infinite split

* Update z_en_floormas.c
1 year ago
earthcrafterman 3e01b25573
Add a toggle for muting the low HP alarm (#310)
* Removes the code that plays the low health alarm sound effect, by removing that instead of making HealthMeter_IsCritical always return false, Link will still play the tired animation when low on health.

* Made the low health alarm an enhancement toggle
1 year ago
Sirius902 f217b9bb97
Workaround for rumble duration being too long (#284) 1 year ago
KennyT 4e15f0b3d1
Add The Jenkins Link to the readme (#303)
* Update

* Update

* Update

Fix Build
1 year ago
sholdee e6c959e500
Update platform for z64 branch (#338) 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren bc65a38a55 Fix VS stuff 1 year ago
Emil Lenngren 92c8ecb726 64-bit early draft - no audio yet 1 year ago
Ada 247360cbf0
Adds tooltip function and tooltips to various ImGui menu items (#306)
* Adds tooltip function and tooltips to various ImGui menu items

* Update SohImGuiImpl.cpp

* Adds more tooltips and changes input scale tooltip

Adds for anti-aliasing settings, cheats, and debug settings
Changes tooltip for input scale to be more clear

* Fixes typos, makes N64 mode more clear, and americanizes it

* Update SohImGuiImpl.cpp

* Standardises D-pad spelling

* Update SohImGuiImpl.cpp

* Fixes typo, changes dungeon entrances tooltip, and fixes tabs

* Clearer wording

* Removes full stop

* Removes spaces from new line

* Removes space after \n

* Makes Linux compile

* Fixes wording
1 year ago
PurpleHato 2478ed86eb Tweak: Don't make the fix enabled by default 1 year ago
PurpleHato 2e84a351b1 Used Cvars to make it part of the enhancements menu 1 year ago
PurpleHato 24fd3f1cdd Fixed idle animations for Two Handed Items
Nintendo messed up and used a 0 instead of a 1 which basically pulled the wrong animation to load.
1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns 2b0af54f88
Readme stuff (#313)
* Fixed Gyroscopy Settings & Drift

* readme stuff
1 year ago
sholdee 90f849dfcf
Add args to build release config on Linux (#312) 1 year ago
Emill 45e5e5ca72
Experimental interpolation (#309)
* Experimental 60 fps

* Fix compile error

* Fix compile error

* Fix compile error
1 year ago
Ada bcd57f45b2
Corrects tooltip on otrgui (#305)
Previously said Master Quest rom would work, this removes that and replaces it with GameCube PAL support
1 year ago
louist103 0a8db6d8a6
add new files (#308) 1 year ago
KiritoDev b3d19eee3a
Fixed id and cleanup on finish of notifications (#304)
Co-authored-by: KiritoDv <>
1 year ago
Emill 3bc0564d9a
Use DX11 by default, if available (#307) 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns a3a65a1722
Merge branch 'HarbourMasters:develop' into develop 1 year ago
louist103 635fb71b76
Save states (#300) 1 year ago
KiritoDev 5746305157 Fixed compilation errors 1 year ago
KiritoDev a790638bf5 Fixed texture loads on imgui 1 year ago
Marcelo20XX fdd613f41e
Add QoL feature: Faster Block Pushing (#275) 1 year ago
Rozelette 9eb5ff6136
Fix GetTextureByID not returning anything on non-DX11 (#297) 1 year ago
PurpleHato e2c801a2ac
Fixed ImGui developer menu (#298)
Fixes the Auto Windows Opening that could cancel the menu by itself
1 year ago
Random 0adad641a6
fix thisx hack (#299) 1 year ago
KiritoDev 4aeed97e3a Removed debug button 1 year ago
KiritoDev 1719986a35 Added notification system 1 year ago
MelonSpeedruns 888662267f
Merge branch 'HarbourMasters:develop' into develop 1 year ago
sholdee 3013c18e13 Get rid of timeout
Just causing problems
1 year ago
sholdee 8ba5d827c5 Increase build pipeline timeout
30min could possibly be too low in some instances
1 year ago
Sirius902 c7e552fc5f Replace remaining occurances of CVar_GetVar with CVar_Get 1 year ago
GaryOderNichts bf2825e9a5
Fix missing gMtxClear address for pal gc roms (#282) 1 year ago
Sirius902 a5651742ba
Improve CVars a bit (#283)
* Improve CVars a bit

* Just use boolean operators on ptr
1 year ago
Baoulettes a12e8b68ae
Fix dungeons chests map Kaleido (#285)
* fix chest position

* Add original game chests loc

* Remove Jabu jabu 1F left over
1 year ago
Baoulettes f8b47b36bf
Added GER/FRA textures variant + offset (#286) 1 year ago
GaryOderNichts b054abbd65
Fix tunic colors (#280) 1 year ago
Baoulettes 234283f465
Fix actual position map name GER/FRA (#279) 1 year ago
Ralphie Morell fca0566cef
Save Editor Enhancements (#273)
* Added more SaveContext elements to save viewer; Added player-specific tab

* some std::strings changed to const char*; fixed bug with current equips on tunic+boots

* Spacing & misc. edits; reversed flag drawing order to match flag tables
1 year ago
KiritoDev 3f74e82a22 Fixed linux compilation 1 year ago
KiritoDev 6d2e1a603f Fixed windows build 1 year ago