892 Commits (00fb12134a5b4646b8c2b55955c7190f33871278)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ada b14fb37b81 Update libultraship/libultraship/Lib/Fast3D/gfx_pc.cpp 7 months ago
Ada edb5261b07 Fixes ToT Fog 7 months ago
louist103 8118947ab0
Windows crash handler. (#1383) 7 months ago
David Chavez 0ce0ab1260
Phase 1: Separate ImGui Drawing From LUS (#1310) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 64aca78450
Fixes Switch/Wii U crashes with Wonder Rupees and Bottleable Entities (#1360) 7 months ago
louist103 584a4ad818
Linux crash handler (#1209) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett bf505dba5c
Fixes keys, maps, and compasses on develop-zhora rando (#1338) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 776219fb52
Backports a fix for sheik checks from rando-next (#1340) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett a572c11f4f
Fixes ice trap gidata not getting cleared after trap is sprung. (#1322) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 05136c13b7
Fixes Link getting Song as pocket item (#1326) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett c2fed1a382
Fixes Lost Woods Bridge Ice Trap in Rando (#1313) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 90067be132
Fixes Dungeon Rewards from Song from Impa (#1311) 7 months ago
Kenix3 80863fc7f2 Moves class member functions from headers to compilation units. 7 months ago
Baoulettes c0b9171f98
Cosmetics Editor Fixes (#1287) 7 months ago
Ada b70ad81f57
Add platform specific OTR instructions to readme (#1291) 7 months ago
Kenix3 0573a1b2ac Adds const to DirtyDirectory std::string 7 months ago
Kenix3 b774252f0c ResourceMgr now decreases priority of load messages to trace. 7 months ago
Kenix3 3792b03a7d Cleans up InputEditor class. 7 months ago
Jake Edvenson 927ffd0b8b
Enhancement: Scarecrow song skip (#1183) 7 months ago
Baoulettes d6ebce068d
fixes only (#1255) 7 months ago
lilDavid 4680641514
Add bombchu drops (#1257) 7 months ago
aMannus ca08680a12
Add: Ability to disable ImGui checkboxes (#1272) 7 months ago
David Chavez 70d7d66d0c
Add multiviewport support for SDL (#1275) 7 months ago
Ada d735616020
Adds game specific camera options (#1212) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 168e84498f
Rework Get Item Table to be more flexible for adding custom items (#1050) 7 months ago
th-2021 ed1708508a
add SHIP_HOME (Linux) (#1210) 7 months ago
Christopher Leggett e12e1d67c6
Prevents optimizations for debug configuration on Windows. (#1270) 7 months ago
th-2021 d39a1a0bdf
[macos] Embed dependencies for ZAPD in bundle (#1271) 7 months ago
InfoManiac742 f87f636828
Update BUILDING.md (#1228) 7 months ago
louist103 eed3942b81
Restore Gold skulltula CS from the "0.9" version (#1217) 7 months ago
Ralphie Morell f5112a709a
Add'l Console Commands (#1207) 7 months ago
PurpleHato f6bb46a0dc
FIX: Disable Draw Distance, Miniboss music could still play in DC with Lizalfos under certain conditions (#1170) 7 months ago
Kenix3 51e4485966
LUS Cleanup: Merge Window and GlobalCtx2 classes. (#1259) 7 months ago
briaguya ad8179287e
Fix controller nav on WiiU (#1258) 7 months ago
briaguya 0971b9aa78
only toggle menu with controller when controller nav enabled (#1043) 7 months ago
qurious-pixel 9bc6aac81e
MacOS OTR (#973) 7 months ago
Kenix3 ad3efccb88
Merge pull request #1241 from GaryOderNichts/fix/wiiu-stick-input 7 months ago
GaryOderNichts f4c1332159 Fix Wii U stick input 7 months ago
Kenix3 72981221ad
Merge pull request #1226 from HarbourMasters/develop-rachael 7 months ago
Kenix3 6723f4c7c2 Archive.createArchive error now passes in the error to SPDLOG. 7 months ago
Kenix3 f9621dcc17 Cleans up Window class. 7 months ago
Kenix3 10ce3c88fb Remove TestApp from LUS 7 months ago
Kenix3 ea92a2e123 Makes data in OverlayCommand private. 7 months ago
Kenix3 b43eb2d0bd Renames Camera Stick to Right Stick 7 months ago
Kenix3 d09172d74d
LUS Cleanup: Fixes SDL axis handling. (#1220) 7 months ago
David Chavez 6b0338a37d
[zret] Port some documentation changes (#1164) 7 months ago
briaguya 6206cd7db0
add ActorResetFunc for courtyard guards (#1213) 7 months ago
briaguya 01b7fedc35
clean up a few epochs that were missed (#1204) 7 months ago
briaguya 71b1db1fb6
volvagia interpolation fix (#1203) 7 months ago
aMannus b4614acf70
Update Enhancement Presets with new options (#1114) 8 months ago