892 Commits (00fb12134a5b4646b8c2b55955c7190f33871278)

Author SHA1 Message Date
th-2021 c803ff65ce
fix path to ZAPD (#1092) 8 months ago
InfoManiac742 0e10b59307
Update z_kaleido_item.c (#1046) 8 months ago
InfoManiac742 4bf4ad3359
Update z_en_ru1.c (#1042) 8 months ago
lilDavid f80ba4102a
Add instant boomerang recall (#1006) 8 months ago
KiritoDev a4334ecb02
Changed input disable to only be forced on switch (#941) 8 months ago
aMannus a8fea61bda
ADD: Enhancement presets (#926) 8 months ago
Dog 1f5d323d89
Randomizer: Skip Cutscenes (#846) 8 months ago
briaguya cf639b1d51
SDL/OpenGL - actually use the window resolution from the json (#1082) 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett 59baf24dc6
Merge branch 'develop-zhora' of https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright into custom-messages 8 months ago
David Chavez 9b33827d02
[ci] Share Generated Assets Across All Platforms (#1074) 8 months ago
David Chavez 9afbe42720
Use -O2 for Release config builds (#1083) 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett 7f233de502
Fixes CMake to explicity launch python interpreter on Windows. (#1089) 8 months ago
th-2021 ed9378375d
[cmake] Use static libraries with vcpkg on Windows (#1079) 8 months ago
th-2021 e51e7f3d45
[cmake] Fix Switch icon (#1084) 8 months ago
GaryOderNichts cb2410d9c5 Handle audio thread properly 8 months ago
qurious-pixel b2ac01bc98
[CI] Link Updated SDL2 version (#1078) 8 months ago
David Chavez 1794683d3a Ignore build.c 8 months ago
David Chavez c70e3f38b1 Enable SPD logging in libultra 8 months ago
David Chavez aadabe1ecd Better instructions for VS solutions 8 months ago
briaguya 7f58ef14ee add a command to copy the otr to the build dir 8 months ago
briaguya 8efeceb236 formatting 8 months ago
briaguya 9a126dec4e add version requirements in building.md 8 months ago
th-2021 7ef3fff869
add soh icon for Windows (#1060) 8 months ago
th-2021 1ebca42f46
Move to cmake across all platforms (#363) 8 months ago
Kenix3 93d0d7443a
LUS Cleanup: Removes GameSettings class. Moves code to Imgui. (#1036) 8 months ago
Josh Bodner c23457d666
Automatically save after every scene transition (#984) 8 months ago
Kenix3 d397c1d871
Increment version 8 months ago
Kenix3 2f5f089e7f
Increment version 8 months ago
briaguya facd1723f8
don't use signed ints for epochs (#1044) 8 months ago
Kenix3 5f913cb9bf
Merge pull request #1037 from briaguya-ai/rachael-to-zhora 8 months ago
briaguya 739434e3e4 Merge branch 'develop-rachael' into rachael-to-zhora 8 months ago
vaguerant 78ad282056
Fix Navi HUD text regression (#1020) 8 months ago
Baoulettes d61d4e508a
fix same name controller entry being unselectable (#1031) 8 months ago
Ada bd86c792c3
Moves release version text (#1028) 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett dffcbb035e
Fixes glitchy dungeon maps. (#1032) 8 months ago
Kenix3 0f7a88bd5a
This should fix (all?) 60fps interpolation issues left. (#938) 8 months ago
Kenix3 97adc4a7f2 Changes string.h include in CVar.cpp 8 months ago
Kenix3 6190388164 Now using posix strdrup on non-msvc builds. 8 months ago
Kenix3 8c9d067657 LUS Cleanup: CVars functions are now consistent 8 months ago
Kenix3 6d3d5e7da5 LUS Cleanup: Removes unnecessary ModManager class. 8 months ago
Kenix3 212d774613 Clean up unnecessary compiler checks. 8 months ago
Kenix3 e68fac14c8 Uses correct audio player per platform now. 8 months ago
Kenix3 7675309e3f Moves specific audio player header file include to after the definition of AudioPlayer class in AudioPlayer.h 8 months ago
Kenix3 4ce19e1448 LUS Cleanup: Only including the correct audio player header file. 8 months ago
Kenix3 fd379896d6 LUS Cleanup: Clean up hooks system. 8 months ago
Kenix3 8431cddb14 LUS Cleanup: GameOverlay and moves various GUI related files to it's own filter. 8 months ago
Kenix3 2d60c772bf
LUS Cleanup: Controllers cleanup (#1016) 8 months ago
Garrett Cox 6d0d608e38
Unrestricted warping in randomizer (#951) 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett fe02818d51
Randomizer: Ocarina of Time Ice Trap Fix (#964) 8 months ago
Nycz db33604171
added Cheat Sync Time (#957) 8 months ago