Enhancement: Scarecrow song skip (#1183)

* Added Skip Scarecrow Song

Added in the option for if the user has the time saver for Scarecrow song enabled and has their Ocarina pulled out in range of Pierre.
Added Skip Scarecrow Song
New enhancement under time-savers that allows the user to only pull out their ocarina to summon Pierre.

* Added Default for Scarecrow summon

The scarecrow summon option now defaults to 0 and can be turned on individually. I haven't included it in any other presets so people don't feel like they're cheating.

* Checks if scarecrow song is in possession

* Fixed positional Scarecrow logic

* Fixed style
Jake Edvenson 2022-08-23 18:30:06 -06:00 committed by GitHub
parent d6ebce068d
commit 927ffd0b8b
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2 changed files with 8 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -1301,6 +1301,8 @@ namespace SohImGui {
Tooltip("The default response to Kaepora Gaebora is always that you understood what he said");
PaddedEnhancementCheckbox("Fast Ocarina Playback", "gFastOcarinaPlayback", true, false);
Tooltip("Skip the part where the Ocarina playback is called when you play a song");
PaddedEnhancementCheckbox("Skip Scarecrow Song", "gSkipScarecrow", true, false);
Tooltip("Pierre appears when Ocarina is pulled out. Requires learning scarecrow song.");
PaddedEnhancementCheckbox("Instant Putaway", "gInstantPutaway", true, false);
Tooltip("Allow Link to put items away without having to wait around");
PaddedEnhancementCheckbox("Instant Boomerang Recall", "gFastBoomerang", true, false);
@ -2479,6 +2481,8 @@ namespace SohImGui {
CVar_SetS32("gVisualAgony", 1);
// Pull grave during the day
CVar_SetS32("gDayGravePull", 1);
// Pull out Ocarina to Summon Scarecrow
CVar_SetS32("gSkipScarecrow", 0);
// Pause link animation (0 to 16)
CVar_SetS32("gPauseLiveLink", 16);

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@ -118,9 +118,10 @@ void func_80A90264(EnKakasi2* this, GlobalContext* globalCtx) {
if ((BREG(1) != 0) && (this->actor.xzDistToPlayer < this->maxSpawnDistance.x) &&
(fabsf(player->actor.world.pos.y - this->actor.world.pos.y) < this->maxSpawnDistance.y)) {
if (((BREG(1) != 0) || ((CVar_GetS32("gSkipScarecrow", 0) != 0) &&
(globalCtx->msgCtx.ocarinaAction == OCARINA_ACTION_FREE_PLAY) && gSaveContext.scarecrowSpawnSongSet)) &&
(this->actor.xzDistToPlayer < this->maxSpawnDistance.x) &&
(fabsf(player->actor.world.pos.y - this->actor.world.pos.y) < this->maxSpawnDistance.y)){
this->actor.draw = func_80A90948;
Collider_InitCylinder(globalCtx, &this->collider);
Collider_SetCylinder(globalCtx, &this->collider, &this->actor, &sCylinderInit);