892 Commits (00fb12134a5b4646b8c2b55955c7190f33871278)

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aMannus cd37a56161
Rando: Fix being able to get Sun's Song check multiple times (#1185) 8 months ago
Josh Bodner eb632ccb50
Adjustable push speed (#1190) 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett 0f2e7db8e0
Fix Ice Traps on Windows and Mac (#1216) 8 months ago
GaryOderNichts a3d0962054
Fix ocarina right stick controls (#1211) 8 months ago
lilDavid 46a421f933
Add window to customize specific controls (#1122) 8 months ago
Zaxus125 b7f9960a60
[cmake] Improve OTRExporter asset extraction script, Lower required CMake to 3.16 (#1196) 8 months ago
th-2021 b46c7a0607
[cmake] Use SDL2, GLEW and GLFW from vcpkg (Windows) (#1194) 8 months ago
briaguya ee9ea3f2bd
add 3drando license (#1206) 8 months ago
briaguya a31256d956
controller menu cleanup (#1166) 8 months ago
Jeff Manian 7a9160ed78
Clarify how to build and run on Mac (#1195) 8 months ago
briaguya 42bce9d33e
don't abuse epochs (#1179) 8 months ago
aMannus fabe051d3d
Fix lost woods leading music in rando (#1155) 8 months ago
Julien Lemay 8945b2ed48
Fix Save Editor Event Check Inf "A" Row flags (#1138) 8 months ago
aMannus d575a3dda6
Fixed rotation of freestanding key checks in rando (#1135) 8 months ago
aMannus 37dd045bd2
Rando: Fix bomb/bombchu shops (#1134) 8 months ago
aMannus 651e0ddad4
Fixed 2 incorrect needs_save instances (#1115) 8 months ago
GaryOderNichts 68e7f2e6c1
Wii U support (#1097) 8 months ago
KiritoDev b989ef4f7f
Fixed error screen (#1184) 8 months ago
sholdee 789cf13aae
[ci] move asset gen timeout to steps block (#1163) 8 months ago
Kenix3 86faa42acf Make libultra OSContPad struct consistent with the one from libultraship 8 months ago
Kenix3 d623ac5918 Copy over right stick Y axis sensitivity in the UI when the X sensitivity is changed. 8 months ago
Kenix3 4a3e43f73f VirtualController -> DummyController in CMake 8 months ago
Kenix3 094388187f Cleans up Controllers 8 months ago
th-2021 791f7774a5
[cmake] Split OTRGui into it's own target (#1116) 8 months ago
sholdee e88000aeb0
[ci] asset stage tweaks (#1120) 8 months ago
Kenix3 d34a6d7666 Fixes error in LUS where there were multiple Vertex classes declared. 8 months ago
Kenix3 3bcc9514ab Cleanup ControlDeck class 8 months ago
Kenix3 15fba97949 Fixes some missed conversions of Console class singleton within the class itself. 8 months ago
Kenix3 6766719969 Fixes issue in Apple builds where imgui was referring directly to Console.Commands 8 months ago
Kenix3 6484d9354d Fixes incorrect command string when adding basic console commands. 8 months ago
Kenix3 23fb885e09 Console class is now a proper object oriented class. 8 months ago
Kenix3 81cd594704 Console now exposes commands with a reference to itself. 8 months ago
Kenix3 797d9fab7c GameOverlay command handler no longer uses SPDLOG and prints to console. 8 months ago
briaguya 96c2033361
fix linux release mode crash (#1124) 8 months ago
Kenix3 7b11509010 Fixes missed Switch specific invocation of old Console logging macros. 8 months ago
Kenix3 a4804d7290 No longer passing in C strings to SendInfoMessage formatted overload. 8 months ago
Kenix3 5751b5c278 debugconsole now uses console output functions. 8 months ago
Kenix3 f97f9ae422 Sets default value of ConsoleLine channel to "Console" 8 months ago
Kenix3 c7ccd6dbff LUS Cleanup: Strips out the logging system created for the console 8 months ago
Kenix3 1f351418e1 Removes a couple printf in favour of SPDLOG calls. 8 months ago
aMannus e4b58e5a0c
TWEAK: Layout/styling overhaul for the F1 menu (#1026) 8 months ago
Kenix3 0d9c390526
Removes no longer desired commented code. (#1105) 8 months ago
Kenix3 b924831eba
Merge pull request #1104 from briaguya-ai/rachael-to-zhora 8 months ago
briaguya 317de33a8b Merge branch 'develop-rachael' into rachael-to-zhora 8 months ago
briaguya fa090c51f6
Merge pull request #831 from leggettc18/custom-messages 8 months ago
Christopher Leggett e63d84bd7d
Adapts this branch for cmake building. 8 months ago
Kenix3 5581f45050
Adds instructions for Visuals Studio 2019 8 months ago
Josh Bodner b6934b34db
Re-add Windows dependencies to build instructions (#1102) 8 months ago
sholdee 5453c68399
[ci] docker improvements (#1101) 8 months ago
aMannus 4ea7f8371f
Rando: Zelda sequence fixes (#1095) 8 months ago