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Christopher Leggett 168e84498f
Rework Get Item Table to be more flexible for adding custom items (#1050)
* Adds ItemTableManager class.

* Implements new getItem table in game.

* Adds rando item table and way to differentiate tables in GetItemEntry.

* Adds rough ability to differentiate between rando and vanilla items.merge stashed changes from before develop-zhora merge

* Change ItemTableID to be uint16_t so we can use ModIndex for it.

* Should fix switch build

* Should fix switch build pt 2

* Adds new files to CMakeLists.

* Implements fixes for competing getItem calls.

* Correctly renders freestanding items

Particle effects are probably broken, need to fix them still, I pretty
much know how I would do that.

* Fixed Particle effects in the new getItem system.

* Fixes item fanfares

* Partially fixes Ice Traps

Obtaining a freestanding Ice Trap causes link to slide forward
and receiving one from an NPC plays the sound effect and damage
animation but doesn't freeze link.

* Some more partial ice trap fixing that wasn't pushed earlier

* Removes unused function override

* Replaces ::find with ::at and adds exception handling

* Removes some commented out code.

* Refactors rando's GetItemEntry array into two arrays.

One array is for the vanilla items that don't have GetItemEntries in
vanilla, the other is for rando exclusive items. They are stored in
separate arrays before getting added to the table so that we can apply
different modIndexes. The items in the first table have are handled
by the vanilla Item_Give, and the second table needed a custom
`Randomizer_Item_Give` function.

* Renames, relocates, and implements ModIndex enum.

* Removes now unused ItemIDs and GetItemIDs

Also makes all the necessary changes to other code that was still
using them indirectly through the GI to GID map that was removed.
There's quite a lot of changes here and I haven't had time to test them

* Re-implements GIMESSAGE_UNTRANSLATED as macro

* Removes commented out function.

* Throws exception if an invalid itemID is used

Addresses https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r943694857

* Removes ARRAY_SIZE in favor of ARRAY_COUNT

ARRAY_COUNT already exists in `macros.h`, I just didn't find it before.

Addresses https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r943153833

* Inverts CheckContainsRandoItem to CheckContainsVanillaItem.

Addresses https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r940895135

* Cleanup, bugfixes, removing the `- 1`s from `z_player.c`

* Fixes some funky formatting that got committed earlier.

* Adds else if to added fanfare sound cases.

Addresses https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r940112924 and https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r940113492

* Extends GetItemEntry to include getItemId

Also adapts some existing calls for both the entry and the id to only
get the entry.

* Extends GetItemEntry to include GID.

This allows for using it later when drawing freestanding items.

Addresses https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright/pull/1050#discussion_r943168136

* Rando-specific items use new textId again.

This got lost when merging develop-zhora in because I didn't have custom
messages merged when I started this.

* Sets global modIndex to MOD_NONE on scene load

Fixes a crash when buying items in shops due to them
not triggering the rando code that normally sets these items.
May have also been crashing vanilla playthroughs.

* Realized I had the bgm conditions wrong.

* Fixes "static drops" (i.e. sticks from withered babas)

* Fixes LACS/Prelude situation... again.

* Fixes too many arguments error.

Not sure why this didn't fail to build on Windows before.

* Fixes Link's Pocket items.

* Simplifies sram init for rando-specific items

* Fixes issues with approaching bottleable items.

* Fixes Ruto's Letter.

It was accidentally getting classified as a rando item.

* Should re-fix freestanding ice traps

* Makes freestanding items set player->getItemEntry.

This prevents freestanding items from setting the global modIndex.
This is part of a larger transition that needs to happen to switch
to setting getItemEntries for all of the rando items. This prevents
some things that set getItemId of GI_MAX from granting a Fire Medallion
when the global modIndex is MOD_RANDOMIZER.

* Makes sure we aren't using getItemEntry when not randoed.

* Replace Randomizer_GetRandomizedItemId with Randomizer_GetRandomizedItem and Randomizer_GetItemIdFromKnownCheck with Randomizer_GetItemFromKnownCheck

* Introduce some new methods and migrate most actors to them

* Fixes ocarina game skull kids to set player->getItemEntry

* Sets `z_en_box.c` to set `player->getItemEntry`

* Fix logical errors and migrate most of the rest of the rando checks to GiveItemEntryFromActor

* Use GiveItemEntryFromActorWithFixedRange in item00

* Fixes Anju to set player->getItemEntry.

* Add a few missing cases

* Additional fix for Skull Kid

* Fixes vanilla ice traps and randomized ice smoke

* Fixes rendering of treasure chest game items.

* Removes unused `Randomizer_GetItemIdFromGetItemId`.

* Cleans up an if statement for item00.

* Cleans up another if statement in item00

* This should fix a bug with the Gerudo Archery minigame.

I wasn't able to get the bug to happen after making this change.

* Documents our new GiveItemEntry fuctions.

* Uses more descriptive type name for ItemIDs for creating custom messages.

* Fixes potential issue with if statement.

* Fixes missed type change.

Co-authored-by: Garrett Cox <garrettjcox@gmail.com>
2022-08-23 20:11:38 -04:00
CMake [cmake] Improve OTRExporter asset extraction script, Lower required CMake to 3.16 (#1196) 2022-08-16 09:34:30 +02:00
OTRExporter [cmake] Improve OTRExporter asset extraction script, Lower required CMake to 3.16 (#1196) 2022-08-16 09:34:30 +02:00
OTRGui [cmake] Split OTRGui into it's own target (#1116) 2022-08-11 10:05:54 +02:00
StormLib Wii U support (#1097) 2022-08-14 22:57:24 -04:00
ZAPDTR LUS Cleanup: Merge Window and GlobalCtx2 classes. (#1259) 2022-08-21 21:08:01 -04:00
libultraship add SHIP_HOME (Linux) (#1210) 2022-08-23 22:29:28 +02:00
scripts add SHIP_HOME (Linux) (#1210) 2022-08-23 22:29:28 +02:00
soh Rework Get Item Table to be more flexible for adding custom items (#1050) 2022-08-23 20:11:38 -04:00
.gitignore Ignore build.c 2022-08-06 21:06:40 -04:00
BUILDING.md Update BUILDING.md (#1228) 2022-08-21 22:14:05 -04:00
CMakeLists.txt [macos] Embed dependencies for ZAPD in bundle (#1271) 2022-08-22 10:43:50 +02:00
Dockerfile Wii U support (#1097) 2022-08-14 22:57:24 -04:00
Jenkinsfile MacOS OTR (#973) 2022-08-18 19:40:41 +02:00
README.md Fix build link in README (#944) 2022-07-31 21:48:43 -04:00


Welcome to the Ship of Harkinian!

A PC port of OoT allowing you to enjoy the game with modern controls, widescreen, high-resolution, gyroscopy and other great features! Setup is simple, let's get started!

The Ship does not include assets and as such requires a prior copy of the game to play.

Quick Start

  1. Download The Ship of Harkinian from Discord.
  2. Requires a supported copy of the game (See supported games below).
  3. Use the OTRGui to generate an oot.otr archive file.
  4. Launch soh.exe

Supported Games

Ocarina of Time Debug PAL GC (not Master Quest)

Currently the recommended option

Build team: `zelda@srd022j`
Build date: `03-02-21 00:49:18` (year-month-day)
sha1: cee6bc3c2a634b41728f2af8da54d9bf8cc14099

Ocarina of Time PAL GameCube

May lead to crashes and instability

sha1: 0227d7c0074f2d0ac935631990da8ec5914597b4

Congratulations, you are now sailing with the Ship of Harkinian! Have fun!

Additional Setup Information

The Ship of Harkinian uses a proprietary versioning system consisting of a sci-fi film character followed by a phonetic alphabet code word. The film character represents a major release version which increments with the addition of many new features and bug fixes. The code word represents a minor release version which increments with small updates mainly comprised of bug fixes. For example, DECKARD ALFA.

The Extraction Tool

  • Open a rom to initiate generating the oot.otr archive file.
  • If a second button exists then oot.otr already exists. To prevent overwriting the old oot.otr use this button to choose a new game directory. The new directory must not already contain an oot.otr to prevent an error.
  • When the process completes, place oot.otr beside soh.exe if it is not already.

This packaging process can take up to 5 minutes.

Close the OTRGui when the Done! message appears. If you get another message, then you might have selected the wrong rom. Make sure to use a rom consistent with the above checksum.

If you still cannot get the tool to work, join our Discord Server and ask for help in the #support text channel. Keep-in-mind that we do not condone piracy in any way.

Running The Ship of Harkinian

Launch the game. If the window immediately closes, or if there are visual artifacts, you may have selected the wrong rom in the OTRGui tool.

Default keyboard configuration:

N64 A B Z Start Analog stick C buttons D-Pad
Keyboard X C Z Space WASD Arrow keys TFGH

Other shortcuts:

Keys Action
F1 Toggle menubar
F5 Save state
F6 Change state
F7 Load state
F10 Fullscreen (OpenGL)
Alt+Enter Fullscreen (DirectX)
Ctrl+R Reset

Currently, DirectX 11 and OpenGL are supported. Change the renderer by opening the shipofharkinian.json configuration file in notepad and add sdl to the quotes in "GfxBackend": "" for OpenGL or leave blank for DirectX.

Take The Survey

Want to use cartridge readers in tandem with the OTRGui? Take this survey to increase chances of this becoming reality.


Official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BtBmd55HVH

Building The Ship of Harkinian

Refer to the building instructions to compile SoH.

Troubleshooting The Exporter

  • Confirm that you have an /assets folder filled with XMLs in the same directory as OTRGui.exe
  • Confirm that zapd.exe exists in the /assets/extractor folder

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds of Ship of Harkinian are available here

The Harbour Masters Are...

Kenix | Lead Developer/Public Relations - Resource Management Programmer, Audio System Programmer, and General Programmer
Jack Walker | Lead Developer - OTR Format Programmer, Resource Load Programmer, and General Programmer
Louist103 | Developer - Save System Programmer and General Programmer
Emil | Developer - Fast3D Programmer
m4xw | Developer - Shipwright, Throwing Baguettes, and General Programmer
MelonSpeedruns | Developer - General Programmer
Rozlette | Developer - General Programmer
JoshDuMan | Developer - General Programmer
KiritoDev/Lywx | Developer - General Programmer
Theo3 | Developer - General Programmer
Random06457 | Developer - Linux Build

Special Thanks

Decomp & ZAPD | Made this project even possible in the first place!
MNGoldenEagle | Patiently explained audio data formats, encouragement, and founding ZSO which was the first source of the game's code and resource format documentation.
Rrrrry123 | Speedbunner, encouragement, and community moderation
Fierce deity | Encouragement and community moderation
mzxrules | For his contributions to decomp
zel. | For his contributions to decomp
Aloxado | Developer - General Programmer
MegaMech | Developer - General Programmer
Revo | Tester - GCC support and General Testing
zfg | Tester - General Testing
Horseless Headman | Tester - General Testing
Steven Pritchett | Tester - General Testing
Trenton May | Tester - General Testing
Zeldaboy14 | Tester - General Testing, encouragement, and community moderation
Koby Howell | Tester - General Testing
Logg | Tester - General Testing
Taylor Daley | Graphic Design
Can't Sleep | Graphic Design

Video Credits

Kenix | Producer / Writer
rainbow_fash | Executive Producer
ReveriePass | Editor
MicTheMicrophone | Gwonam / The King
Amphibibro | Link
AceHeart | Zelda