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InfoManiac742 4f492e9f63
Add control/hotkey info to README (#193) 4 months ago
Josh Bodner 257cc41d2b
Stop the dropped item despawn timer on demand (#382) 4 months ago
Kenix3 e39961dc4b
Update README.md 4 months ago
Vague Rant e4fe289f70 Restore Hover Fishing bug from 1.0 4 months ago
Baoulettes 24567eeeb6 better conditions 4 months ago
Baoulettes b38e0a6b15 better conditions 4 months ago
Baoulettes 55fa1996ba Update SohImGuiImpl.cpp 4 months ago
Baoulettes 6478df046a Debug close update 4 months ago
Baoulettes ffc22fe8c4 Initial com. 4 months ago
briaguya 5b7dad1de2 fast chests 4 months ago
louist103 c6622e6c87 Update ResourceMgr.cpp 4 months ago
louist103 cf872d1e0d cleanups 4 months ago
PurpleHato ac2127094b
ADDED: Draw Distance toggle under Experimental enhancement + Bugfix (#398) 4 months ago
vaguerant 3444868b95
Add sound effects to tunic/boot equips (#446) 4 months ago
vaguerant d01d6ff3d1
Add Fireproof Deku Shield cheat (#440) 4 months ago
David Chavez 376860af9d
Render song of storms effect correctly widescreen (#421) 4 months ago
briaguya e87921f6be
https for cloning repo (#415) 4 months ago
vaguerant 8cbc4d27eb
Add GUI toggle for Ganon blood color, also fix minor unrelated typos in ImGui (#411) 4 months ago
vaguerant 596d5b478b
Fix Navi text HUD position (#406) 4 months ago
PurpleHato f9c86c9821 fix: inverted the array size valye 4 months ago
PurpleHato d87df5f670 Fixed from @louist103 and @Emill review 4 months ago
PurpleHato 6c34c03cdf FIX: EnhancementCombobox 4 months ago
Vague Rant c08439a562 Implement Cow of Time enhancement 4 months ago
InfoManiac742 38ec6ea702 Changed "affirm" to "confirm" 4 months ago
louist103 065291d2c7 sasatest 4 months ago
louist103 95cfce0ded cleanup 4 months ago
MelonSpeedruns 3b1d82c3ca
Merge pull request #437 from PurpleHato/FixNaviColor 4 months ago
MelonSpeedruns c92524a90e
Merge pull request #387 from Baoulettes/ComboBox-Simplification 4 months ago
PurpleHato 902b842bcb FIX: Default Navi's colors have been altered recent merged PRs 4 months ago
Baoulettes 23946d5798
Merge branch 'develop' into ComboBox-Simplification 4 months ago
getBrainError 05340a926a Add fishing pole as sword in save editor 4 months ago
Baoulettes 0bfe2fec67
fix win build crash (#425) 4 months ago
briaguya daec428cb3
call SDL_Quit() before exit(0) (linux window closing issue) (#408) 4 months ago
PurpleHato 08c161fd13
Enhancement: More options for Kaleido Link (#394) 4 months ago
Baoulettes 29d4cd27c4
Fix Radiobutton uniqueness issues (#397) 4 months ago
Baoulettes 7913398110
EnhancementColor3 tweak SohImGui Clean (#400) 4 months ago
Emill ccab94c765
Implement AnyFPS + option to queue one rendered frame (#401) 4 months ago
GreenSwede 90a33e9756
[LINUX] Add compiler flags to fix floating point precision error (#399) 4 months ago
Baoulettes 14ca2ab377
Merge branch 'develop' into ComboBox-Simplification 4 months ago
Baoulettes aaa1fafd51
Init desired languages CVar on InitSram (#385) 4 months ago
Martin Molina 83c07645f4
Fixed crash when showing Triforce during lore cutscene after defeating Ghoma (#384) 4 months ago
louist103 533c216ad3
Cleanup ImGui strings (#359) 4 months ago
earthcrafterman 4669235f62
Spammable kaepora (#354) 4 months ago
Baoulettes 78b3c1ae47
Return button translation for GER/FRA (#287) 4 months ago
GreenSwede 40f13ff2e6
Update BUILDING.md (#364) 4 months ago
Baoulettes d1357b902d
DEV Tool : Fast Save Loading (#369) 4 months ago
mightypanders 0ce37a4126
Clarify recommended ROM Option in README.md (#321) 4 months ago
Emill e56af6a7a3
Redesign hooks mechanism (#352) 4 months ago
briaguya b359d642f4
Fix nightly build link formatting (#345) 4 months ago
Ada 2192ae0a25
Adds notification telling people how to activate menubar (#351) 4 months ago