86 Commits (master)

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  Travis Burtrum 552cd50266 macOS support 2 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum b0f9dfddf2 release all currently held down keys when any revert_default_key is released 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum b0543d3f93 noop other identical keys 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 527ab97a04 noop identical keys 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum d0e38d0e55 Avoid index out of bounds on strange keys (Apple) 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 8ffe640c4b Clean up unused warnings for all features 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum bcea441630 Test compilation with each feature individually 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 17a8f0c995 make toml and serde optional, if not included, can hardcode config 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 60a3f24c86 Make epoll and inotify optional dependencies enabled by default with the epoll_inotify feature 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum c420323cdf light editorial code cleanup 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum a454b2a2a1 fix comments and order of operations in input_device 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 877a35861a Updated all package versions 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum 9317d31153 update readme 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum d785d341cb Rewrite linux mapper to use epoll instead of threads and blocking IO 4 weeks ago
  Travis Burtrum fa202be7da Determine keyboard devices by whether they support KEY_A or not 1 month ago
  Travis Burtrum 95833e3a33 Support multiple revert_default_keys 7 months ago
  Travis Burtrum b1bb55766d Workaround for (buggy?) Monoprice Dark Matter Aether keyboard 8 months ago
  Travis Burtrum bd87beb211 Abandon travis-ci for jenkins 11 months ago
  Travis Burtrum 965c446b51 Remove powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu travis build as it no longer exists 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 4a816737c7 Upgrade to all latest dependencies 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 95f9c731e9 Get rid of ancient and broken uinput-sys, proper refactoring to come 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 6c4e4392b4 Fix old todo thanks to new rust version 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 432e35cb6a Add travis-ci and appveyor builds 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 24786356c4 Cargo update and fix newly deprecated code usage 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 62501febb9 Fix compilation of main method when not on supported platform, works as library cross-platform now 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 4554e19f28 rusty-keys is now well supported on windows 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum f7afe198c7 Windows support 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum f47d9e4be7 keymapper.rs is now fully platform agnostic, successfully passed through generic hell 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 50b84dea0a First part of re-factoring towards platform-agnostic keymapper.rs 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum e02b59f55d Pull out rest of udev code 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 9281922c72 Replace serde_derive with serde with derive feature 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum c2efbb6fd1 More edition 2018 cleanup 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum f4083343da Rust 2018 edition changes 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 95cfd637b9 Upgrade all deps and do minimal code changes to compile, untested 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum d3aeededda packaging updates in preparation for 0.0.3 3 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 0ffc1695aa Add Cargo.lock 3 years ago
  Travis Burtrum f15edf8315 Tweak keyboard device finding 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 966cebf42a No more shelling out to grep, parse /proc/bus/input/devices manually 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 0e58664f67 Send SYN_REPORT with shift modifying keys to make libinput happy 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum d0fdea6ff6 Update readme 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum e7fc77773c Refactor out InputDevice module 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 84b176a75e Add shortcut for mapping 1 device 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 99cf9c452f Add sample systemd service 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum ca28b96982 All threads now send input to a single mapping/output device 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 47f8231d33 Share keymap with Arc 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 363ede21d3 More refactoring 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 75e340f28a First go at working inotify support 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 5bfc286d19 Panic cleanup part 3 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 49fd65a4b0 Panic cleanup part 2 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum f9a6ed8d00 Panic cleanup part 1 4 years ago