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gdsports 71f09360bb Update to work with latest gdsports/USBHost_t36 4 years ago
gdsports ef91c3db8a Add workaround for NKRO keyboards 4 years ago
gdsports 6e0779b61b Use patched version of Teensy 3.6 USB host library 4 years ago
gdsports 148ce2e126 Add support for Teensy 3.6 USB host 4 years ago
gdsports cc7b243650 Update to IDE 1.8.5 4 years ago
darkytoothpaste 32119ce9d0 Merge pull request #1 from proxhotdog/master 9 years ago
proxhotdog 4ed4d19dbc Updated README.md and added a comment in keymapper.ino 9 years ago
proxhotdog a9a5c69cbc Added README.md 9 years ago
Vincent@524 d84d358c00 added Workman layout and removed unnecessary comments 9 years ago
Vincent@524 3a94bdf5b7 added dvorak layout support for Arduino leonardo only since I have no teensy 9 years ago
weigee 2a7bd24b63 Additional handling of special keys 10 years ago
weigee 27bfccb1a0 Teensy 2.0 with mini USB Host Shield support 10 years ago
weigee 52a488c5c0 Major rewrite for NKRO and CAPSLOCK mapping 10 years ago
weigee f3b325b755 Fix bug in handling reserved keystrokes 10 years ago
weigee e063ca1adb First public release 10 years ago