147 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Travis Burtrum ba432bb8c8 MEMPAK folder is under ed64 now 2 days ago
  Travis Burtrum 8368780f69 move cheat handling and error out on parsing errors 2 days ago
  Travis Burtrum 18295c5e7b Correct save file numbering 4 days ago
  Travis Burtrum 7f04ea7c58 Support file paths up to 256 in length, allows for sorting in directories 4 days ago
  Travis Burtrum 1fb85d8afe tweak Dockerfile 4 days ago
  Travis Burtrum 3733e676f9 Implement numbered saves to avoid catastrophic save game loss 2 months ago
  Travis Burtrum 86785bcd72 Add Dockerfile and make it buildable as-is 2 months ago
  AriaHiro64 aa1af6a8cc
Make user interface much more responsive 6 months ago
  AriaHiro64 7f472a3266
Add new Neon64 saving support 6 months ago
  AriaHiro64 6d422d689b
added loading screen 6 months ago
  AriaHiro64 c8022bcd3f
Use superior GB64 for emulation 6 months ago
  gameblabla 29a6b71415
Make libmikmod optional since the port isn't working yet. 2 years ago
  gameblabla 77a3adbc51
Merge pull request #3 from gameblabla/fixmakefile_upstream 2 years ago
  gameblabla 80812ab125
Merge pull request #2 from gameblabla/upstream_libd_fix 2 years ago
  gameblabla cbe96f4183
Merge pull request #1 from gameblabla/ed64p_support 2 years ago
  gameblabla fb78d2f875
Fix up Makefile for libdragon upstream. 2 years ago
  gameblabla a85ce61319
Fix for upstream libdragon. 2 years ago
  gameblabla c609a73996
Remove Anti-ED64P protection. 2 years ago
  gameblabla 4fcaa5c957
Add support for the ED64 Plus and its own specific directory. 2 years ago
  gameblabla b1323b49fc
Eeprom filesizes were incorrect, fixed this. (One bit is not a byte) 2 years ago
  networkfusion 4ad1ab4264 Correct TopGear Rally and add Taz Express save 2 years ago
  Robin Jones 42cec025c8
Temporary fixes for setup 2 years ago
  Robin Jones 7d1f2d118a
Changed tool location (renamed to n64-tools) 4 years ago
  Robin Jones d7d408716e
Changed location of library repos to n64-sdk 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 3d79e667fd Added Topgear Rally (EU/JP) save type 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 2785f5f50a fixed MP3 playback 4 years ago
  Robin Jones d52179c4d5 cleaned up savedb 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 2034bedc1a implemented ultracic detection code 4 years ago
  Robin Jones b7dd066fa0 whitespace changes 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 74900aec6f header correction 4 years ago
  Robin Jones b1936b6dd1 minor header corrections 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 036f875a8e
Merge pull request #20 from networkfusion/fatfs 4 years ago
  Robin Jones a4c610942d further corrections to debug #16 4 years ago
  Robin Jones d7e9fc5dbe minor changes 4 years ago
  Robin Jones eea4a455f0 sleep changes 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 34c216c0aa minor code cleanup and comments 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 1b7a919f9b removed old fat files 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 1d707f70b6 updated last function, now fully using fatfs 4 years ago
  Robin Jones fed9688738 minor tweaks 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 83700e9bc9 added sys.h to debug for sleep 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 6e73f0604e update debug message with 5 sec delay 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 1a5c572b7d removed some debug code from the last commit... 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 20c4993cdf work on fatfs functions 4 years ago
  Robin Jones af6c2380ad Corrections 4 years ago
  Robin Jones d4dd1f5595 forgot some important pipes! 4 years ago
  Robin Jones a73b73c3d5 minor refactoring of memorypak 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 3c2a57d057 finished updating memorypak 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 8fd9f90522 updated toplist 4 years ago
  Robin Jones bb14fcd8c8 cheatfile done 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 00f4e5b69b further functions done 4 years ago