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4nes4snes: Firmware to connect up to four NES/SNES controllers to USB

4nes4snes if a firmware for Atmel ATmega8 and Atmega168 which allows one to connect up to 4 NES and/or SNES controllers to a PC using a single circuit.

The device connects to an USB port and appears to the PC as standard HID joystick with 4 report Id's. This means that it looks like 4 controllers in the Windows control_panel->game_controllers window.

Project homepage

Schematic and additional information such as build examples are available on the project homepage:

English: 4 NES and/or 4 SNES controller(s) to USB French: 4 manettes NES et/ou 4 SNES à USB

Supported micro-controller(s)

Currently supported micro-controller(s):

  • Atmega8
  • Atmega168

Adding support for other micro-controllers should be easy, as long as the target has enough IO pins, enough memory (flash and SRAM) and is supported by V-USB.

Built with


This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.


  • Thank you to Objective development, author of V-USB for a wonderful software-only USB device implementation.