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  Joshua Judson Rosen d1873a1630 README: remove hyperlinks from "example.com" URLs 4 months ago
  Joshua Judson Rosen aed1cc7863 README: link to the project MUC 4 months ago
  Joshua Judson Rosen 4f5bebf8e2 README: clarify that we handle a single MUC _server_, but multiple _MUCs_ are supported 5 months ago
  Joshua Judson Rosen 126d1a414c Noop AWAY commands as a quick `fix' to avoid crashes 5 months ago
  Travis Burtrum 3d5628aead Tweak readme 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum cbf8bad595 Additions and clarifications to readme 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum ccb2546f0f Rename telepaatti to xmpp-ircd 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum e77d892b37 Add readme, license, and command line arguments, first version that *should* be useable by others 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum ed9b362042 Add LIST support 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum ae71564c3b Add fullRoomJid option to allow normal looking channel names 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 001447ea38 Only support joining rooms on our chat server 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 6eb146736d random jid local-part and general cleanup fixes 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 61902cef9c start refactor to single controlling object 6 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 2198df71f5 Rough first version that works as component 6 years ago
  Julien Picalausa c323cccdf6 Improved IRC response on connect 7 years ago
  Julien Picalausa 30fb4500cf Made logging go to syslog. -d flag now chooses whether to daemonize. Improved TLS settings 7 years ago
  Julien Picalausa cd95dcf8c6 set channel modes to +n upon joining 7 years ago
  NearToTheSky 37df55f7fc Use the actual server name instead of localhost 7 years ago
  Julien Picalausa 8e3a773b99 Better daemonization and improved logging 7 years ago
  Julien Picalausa a2ad6be554 This commit introduces major changes to the working and purpose of telepaatti: 8 years ago
  build 866af36f6f Try to fix a crash in telepaatti (maybe related to our custom jabber MUC setup) 10 years ago
  Petteri eae8112f14 7. On OS X Python 2.6, service.shutdown() fails and blocks telepaatti 11 years ago
  Petteri 98906fcf89 Error message clean up 11 years ago
  Petteri dc0a562991 Add missing xmppCommandINFOGET method 12 years ago
  Petteri 5b9771d09d Add -n parameter to set MUC nick from commandline 12 years ago
  Petteri 530bb10f5a Initial commit 12 years ago