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@ -168,6 +168,19 @@ approval process. The following columns are used:
Note that council voting is veto-based and if someone did not vote, consent
is assumed. So a PR is rejected *iff* at least one person from council
explicitly voted against it.
When moving a PR into this column, make a comment on the PR which contains
the following information:
- The date at which the voting period started.
- Link to the respective meeting minutes.
- The date at which the voting period has ended or will end at latest.
- Possibly additional notes from the minutes, for example:
- "There will be additional discussion on standards@" (bonus points if
you add a link once the thread starts).
- "Two people will vote on-list after further consideration."
* Done: The PR went through voting, but has not been merged yet. The
[Needs Council] label must be removed and the [Ready to merge] label should
be added. The PR can be removed from [Council Tracking] now.