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TingPing e5b65bbd69 servlist: Clean up specifying ssl for network 8 years ago
TingPing a838cd9c07 servlist: Various changes
- Remove IRCNode
- Replace Techmans with Techtronix
- Remove unecessary ports
- Consistently use round-robin over specific servers
- Don't use mixed-case hostnames

Closes #1244
8 years ago
TingPing 02470dffa5 servlist: Add AthemeNet and remove its old networks
Closes #1272
8 years ago
Arnavion c5bbf75f5e Removed one leftover check for server->encoding against NULL. 8 years ago
Arnavion b783c827c8 Fixed incorrect comment on server->encoding. 8 years ago
Arnavion d1897c1602 Remove "System default" encoding. The default for new servers is UTF-8. 8 years ago
Arnavion 6f8a6e66cc Detect unknown server encodings and set to UTF-8. 8 years ago
Arnavion 5749c53484 Server line text-encoding-related fixes.
- Handle server lines that contain sequences which are invalid in the server encoding. Previously, these would cause the whole line to be interpreted in ISO-8859-1, but now they're simply replaced with an appropriate replacement character.

- Removed prefs.utf8_locale.

- Change default server encoding from system locale to UTF-8.

- Always populate server->encoding with a non-null value - UTF-8.

Fixes #1198
8 years ago
Arnavion 5569205d15 Add CP1252 as an available server encoding for Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1 networks. 8 years ago
Arnavion 2e76a4e477 Removed CP1255-specific handling of server lines.
GLib's API is good enough now.
8 years ago
Arnavion ee17ec6b4f Removed legacy "IRC" encoding. 8 years ago
Arnavion 5a56f9ea01 Removed unimplemented, unused function. 8 years ago
Arnavion e400ed2855 Fixed bad const-cast. 8 years ago
Arnavion 1d316710ed Don't crash if the log file can't be opened.
Found in #1269
8 years ago
TingPing aab243592f Workaround crash when timestamp format is blank
Somebody else can fix the numerous assumptions elsewhere
8 years ago
TingPing 13db2011e3 Fix leak
From libressl-portable/openbsd@20de8a4923
9 years ago
tomek 7739c99f3f Update alternative font list 9 years ago
Arnavion 99f74e8d94 Also print the command that wasn't recognized. 9 years ago
TingPing 5ca87b3c8d identd: Fix unknown command when service fails to start 9 years ago
TingPing 16d1fccf61 Fix disabling identd server 9 years ago
TingPing 9bd7405502 Remove last remnants of GtkClists
These were removed a while ago
9 years ago
TingPing 2a28289314 Don't return 0 in place of NULL 9 years ago
TingPing 112632bb4e Fix some possible null-deref warnings 9 years ago
TingPing c5016e390f Show correct number of channels/dialogs when closing server tab 9 years ago
TingPing 63bb87fc93 Don't select join #hexchat by default in join dialog
Have to go even one step further removed so users don't
accidentally join
9 years ago
TingPing 1fa4a000e7 Fix some unused warnings 9 years ago
TingPing 6ef7298870 Remove unnecessary use of void* 9 years ago
TingPing 9f7444baa2 Move userlist sorting to frontend
This Fixes possible crashes when the two
usertrees get out of sync and a double free occurs.

Also now requires restart to change sort orders.

Fixes #1252
Fixes #818 (probably)
9 years ago
TingPing fef580ed7f Rewrite identd
- Use gio (which is cross platform)
- Properly support multiple users
- Allow configuring port
- Allow other plugins overriding
9 years ago
TingPing 3bb717a3b5 Fix windows build
Introduced 1b2bee37e
9 years ago
TingPing 5beaf15f21 Remove option to use socks5 library
This was always disabled by default and is not required
for the current socks support. I am not even sure this
library is packaged by any distro?
9 years ago
TingPing 1b2bee37e4 Remove option to disable ipv6
It has been default for a while, is the only tested option,
and will only get more common.
9 years ago
TingPing 9cb73f839f Remove MSProxy support
It's not enabled anywhere, certainly not maintained
9 years ago
TingPing 330e31c70f Fix overflow 9 years ago
TingPing cbaa04905f Fix warning 9 years ago
TingPing 14d3a03f41 Fix leak in make-te
This doesn't really matter but it shuts up AddressSanitizer
9 years ago
TingPing 95febd978c Fix building as c89 9 years ago
TingPing 83032b1aa3 Use glib for all allocations
- Removes need to check for malloc failure
- Removes need for NULL checks on free
- Adds checks for integer overflows
- Removes some extra memset calls
- Removes chance of mixing libc and glib malloc/free
9 years ago
TingPing c4cb1b25ec Fixup: Detect urls with unicode symbols
missed one in 77ecaa6093
9 years ago
TingPing 77ecaa6093 Detect urls with unicode symbols
Fixes #1250
9 years ago
TingPing aeb5d15871 More consistently include config.h 9 years ago
TingPing 46061f4f3c Remove some unnecessary if statements 9 years ago
Arnavion ec7a0d6e13 Fixed some more signed-unsigned-comparison warnings. 9 years ago
TingPing a86b03e939 Remove unused header 9 years ago
TingPing 35fd47da55 Add patch from cygwin 9 years ago
TingPing 226d54c90d Fix use after free 9 years ago
TingPing f614a3c311 Fix possible overflow when using /menu 9 years ago
TingPing d6e3f740bc Fix some leaks 9 years ago
md_5 74ff67acd3 Create configuration option to control middle click tab close.
Some might argue that this shouldn't be able to be configured as it is "common" behaviour
in other programs such as web browsers, but for me it is an annoyance because for 15
years this has not been the behaviour of X-Chat.
Quite simply, this creates a configuration option for 537fb856, as unobtrusively as
possible, under the channel switcher preferences tab.

Closes #1232
9 years ago
leeter 6aafc8e51d Fix chanopts not saving if /quit before exit
This is the C fix, unfortunately a proper fix, e.g.
 removing the dependency on session_name all together is a much vaster
 refactor outside the scope of this bugfix.

Closes #1111
9 years ago
TingPing 10246f121a Fix unsafe string handling in configs
Also fixes 2 leaks
9 years ago
TingPing 025152ee53 Fix unused warning 9 years ago
TingPing 58e871696b Fix typo 9 years ago
TingPing 0ba8b922a2 Fix tab completing with no completion char 9 years ago
TingPing b296839538 Respect servers chantypes and nickprefixes when tab completing
Closes #441
9 years ago
TingPing 5fb21a04ad Use gboolean for bools 9 years ago
TingPing fda692d250 Fix various unsafe string handling in fkeys
Also removes the 2048 input byte limit
And fixes utf8 completion chars in some cases
9 years ago
Arnavion 99a1fff590 Removed unused hexchat_filename_*_utf8 macros. 9 years ago
Arnavion 65c8494698 Removed some unnecessary casts. 9 years ago
Arnavion 2b94011fdc Removed some commented-out code. 9 years ago
Arnavion 2da5308fd2 Fixed leak of filename string. 9 years ago
Arnavion c1831cb19d Minor tidying up 9 years ago
Arnavion 65da34f19e Removed some unnecessary null-checks for calls to g_free and g_strfreev 9 years ago
Arnavion b7afcc3632 Don't leak filename_fs on errors. 9 years ago
Arnavion 5152040c17 Always use 64-bit filesize and file offsets in DCC.
Based on LRN's commit for replacing stat with GFileInfo

Fixes #382
9 years ago
Arnavion 985ea610e6 Store timer hook's timeout as milliseconds. 9 years ago
Arnavion 8062bce835 Fix some obvious type warnings. 9 years ago
TingPing e38f00775f configure: Add option to run clang static analysis 9 years ago
TingPing 05a6097dc6 Fix copying timestamp with server-time and indent nicks off 9 years ago
TingPing 85557f2416 Fix duplicate timestamps on selection
Fixes #1226
9 years ago
tomek 0019af675a Fix compilation on Windows 9 years ago
TingPing f03023297b Fix handling --cfgdir
Fixes #1225
9 years ago
TingPing c92b247878 Fix building against openssl 0.9.8
Closes #1221
9 years ago
TingPing c0769397d5 Fix possible crash in SASL Blowfish mech 9 years ago
TingPing c9b63f7f9b ssl: Validate hostnames
Closes #524
9 years ago
TingPing ebaaf466bf ssl: Use more secure options
This disables ssl 2/3
9 years ago
TingPing 4b6215051f ssl: Don't use global openssl context
Fixes #789
9 years ago
Campbell Barton f83d78dd28 Warning cleanup
- ignoring const
- declarations after statements
- some C files didnt include own headers (risking them getting out of sync)

Closes #1064
9 years ago
TingPing 3c89de48a8 Remove old config migration
Fixes #1194
9 years ago
RichardHitt 6653582f0a Fix textbox not scrolling to to bottom on resize
Set buf->scrollbar_down conditionally when vertically resizing text window
If resize to enlarge appears to go to last line, set buf->scrollbar_down to be sure.

Fixes #1151
Closes #1171
9 years ago
TingPing abaed2bda4 Fix parsing of MONITOR responses
Fixes #1157
9 years ago
TingPing ce4e129849 Take two at fixing out of source builds 9 years ago
TingPing ecd1aa226a Fix attempting to toggle visibility when tray disabled 9 years ago
TingPing 760d18b6e7 Fix missing header
And just use g_snprintf() while at it..
9 years ago
TingPing f389257403 Increase max len of chiper names
For example ECDHE-ECRSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
9 years ago
TingPing 84df81f336 Replace some unsafe usage of strncpy
Ensure everything is null terminated
9 years ago
Arnavion a9a6cbda4e win32: Fixed build break due to 7a4a024 9 years ago
TingPing 7a4a0243bd Fix out of source builds
Fixes #1018
9 years ago
Arnavion e209e55e59 Use PlaySoundW to play sounds on Windows.
Fixes #1133
9 years ago
Arnavion ad2300f236 Correctly open URLs with non-ASCII characters on Windows.
Fixes #1023
9 years ago
TingPing 80bdd9ce11 Detect utf8 urls
They might not be valid, but like many things they are still used
9 years ago
TingPing 5f99d34c3b Fix opening utf8 urls on OSX
- Escape hostnames with punycode
- Use proper encoding when launching open
9 years ago
TingPing 2aa3eb8cfb Escape values set via pluginpref
Fixes #790
9 years ago
LightningW d1b9118056 Fix DOMAIN and EMAIL patterns.
Closes #1107
9 years ago
Farow fd95c729d5 xtext: Add word and line selection modes
Similar to a GtkTextView if you double click you enter word selection mode
and if you triple click you enter line selection mode.
Allowing you to drag and select more than a single character.

Closes #1108
9 years ago
TingPing d1c40196e3 Fix using negative index 9 years ago
TingPing 9716185edf Use glib to get portable mode dir
This should fix any non-ascii paths
9 years ago
Arnavion a38892ff3b Use GFile API in gtkutil_check_file instead of stat/access.
The latter functions expect codepage-encoded filenames on Windows but GLib's API returns filesystem-encoded paths, which on Windows are UTF-8. GLib API should be used to deal with GLib API results.

Also fixed leaks in two of the callers of gtkutil_check_file()

Fixes #968
9 years ago
TingPing a854234c1f Fix warning 9 years ago
Arnavion 7c2c8b1403 Fixed expand_homedir to handle paths like "~user" correctly. 9 years ago