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Riamse e5f7441bae Fix sorting problem when using tabs
Fixes #949
9 years ago
Riamse 6ef41f7d4f Fix logging incorrect timestamp with server-time
Fixes #972
9 years ago
TingPing fea144dd19 Add option to bounce dock icon on OSX 9 years ago
TingPing fea528c39d Don't ignore command key in keybindings on OSX 9 years ago
TingPing 9599c29c46 Use filesize format based on OS
Adds gui_filesize_iec option on Unix

Closes #966
9 years ago
TingPing fe71af15a7 Fix warning 9 years ago
Berke Viktor b049757302 Replace deprecated GetVersionEx calls with version helpers
Only compiles with 8.1 SDK but runs everywhere

Closes #957
9 years ago
Arnavion 5fee31b1f0 Use the right API to get the path to Roaming AppData and Downloads directories, and actually convert it to utf-8 instead of using it directly. 9 years ago
Arnavion e4413e0178 Don't convert the result of g_get_user_name / g_get_real_name from locale to utf-8 on Windows. They return utf-8 already. 9 years ago
Arnavion dc27640265 Use utf-8 variant of strftime to format log file paths.
strftime assumes the format string is in locale encoding, which mangles log file paths that are in utf-8.

Fixes #767
Fixes #945
9 years ago
TingPing 41c209bf45 Reset all nick entry errors in servlist when fixed 9 years ago
TingPing 8bdde3a2df Fix warnings like usual 9 years ago
TingPing c8b3eef351 Improve displaying errors in servlist 9 years ago
TingPing 5f297950a2 Fix issues removing autojoin channels
- Makes remove case insensitive
- Fixes crashing when channel not found
9 years ago
RichardHitt ccf49aa48d Fix #928. Fix memory leak, mea culpa. 9 years ago
RichardHitt b66edd372e Fixes #928 again. In scrollback replay, skip every line that starts 0x0d. 9 years ago
TingPing 8a0f2b1d21 Use glib to format filesize in dccgui 9 years ago
TingPing 660b860ddd Fix whitespace... 9 years ago
TingPing f27b2e82fa Add Xertion to network list
Closes #939
9 years ago
TingPing b41bd594b0 Add account to Join event
Also reorganizes some logic. The account will usually be NULL unless
extended-join capability enabled.

Closes #934
9 years ago
RichardHitt 0f828dd74f Add marker-line functionality for scrollback, instant seek.
Fixes #662.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 4ca9672a92 Fix scrollback_load to deal with e.g. the output of /HELP
Fixes #928.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 1a3bfdce75 Improve handling scrollback when gui_tab_server==FALSE
Fixes #925.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 46e449f110 Correctly scroll down autojoined channels
Fixes #58
9 years ago
RichardHitt 0487daf865 Fix three miscellaneous bugs in gtk_xtext_get_word()
* Use utf8 functions for moving within string
	* Fix memory leak
	* Fix non-indent select problem
9 years ago
Arnavion 99ee7b6ef8 win32: Quote paths when invoking glib-compile-resources.exe
Also escape the trailing backslash in DataDir since otherwise it escapes the double-quote after it.
9 years ago
Arnavion 4cc764256c win32: Powershell.exe absolutely needs "-File" when running scripts or else it parses arguments with spaces as separate parameters. 9 years ago
TingPing d374f3ffe6 Disable hiding characters in the input 9 years ago
TingPing 664da30ee4 Partial revert of 5f732128
Still some scrolling issues remain, much work is to be
done to properly fix it.
9 years ago
Ken Spencer fd0eeddcc9 Add ElectroCode
Closes #910
9 years ago
a Code Lizard b52650de5d Added Anthrochat and Furnet to server list
Closes #900
9 years ago
TingPing e6e5659b11 Minor redesign to text events window
This makes it more consistent with the other settings windows

- Use editable cell for entry
- Use pane to resize both treeviews
- Make preview fixed size and on bottom
- Enable search for event name
9 years ago
TingPing dd128ce534 Remove migration code for xchat 1 colors 9 years ago
TingPing 8f6a596057 Properly handle shift tab in keyboard shortcuts 9 years ago
TingPing 85aff53a88 Use more user friendly label for keys in keyboard shortcuts 9 years ago
TingPing 40e8ca9f6e Hide tray balloon option on OSX 9 years ago
TingPing d3b4771103 Fix warning.. 9 years ago
TingPing 22b5affbe6 Use GRegex for channel list search
This adds support for Windows
9 years ago
TingPing b245f2f79e Tweak column sizing in channel list 9 years ago
TingPing f35ae03a66 Build with GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED 9 years ago
TingPing 725aed43ff Redesign keyboard shortcuts window
- Convert GtkCLists to GtkTreeViews
- Save keybindings in GtkAccelerator format
- Store keybindings in a GSList
9 years ago
TingPing 655b524ee6 Cleanup the preferences window
Simplifies some code and removes many widgets
9 years ago
TingPing b17c0276de Fix some leaks 9 years ago
TingPing ba399eb7f9 Remove unused function 9 years ago
TingPing 6d815ac688 Fix warning 9 years ago
TingPing 93d0341f9c Show help as tooltips in editlists 9 years ago
TingPing 2f847428aa Fix hiding unsupported channel modes in topicbar 9 years ago
TingPing 02275dff51 Fix some warnings in editlist 9 years ago
TingPing 34cf164aa2 Use a single marshal file for entire project 9 years ago
TingPing 5f7321280e Use a standard GtkScrolledWindow with xtext
Used in maingui, fkeys, text events, rawlog

This also implements the set_scroll_adjustments signal in xtext
9 years ago
TingPing b1b6255f38 Revert e64aa93f8 9 years ago
TingPing e64aa93f85 Use persitance with libnotify
This will keep notifications in gnomes tray
similar to a tray icon.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 4c1fd3ee67 Fix many many problems in xtext.c related to character width.
* Rework multiline logic to use a GSList, not an array
* Remove all multibyte booleans; everything is potentially multibyte
  - Except for gtk_xtext_get_word(), which needs special attention
* Enhance pango work for bold and italics (attr_list -> attr_lists[4])
* Enhance gtk_xtext_strip_color () to save bold, italics info
* Involve emphasis information in all pixel-width calculations
* Rework find_x () to account for emphasis info in widths

Closes #891
Fixes #872
9 years ago
TingPing 10d3c15143 Add /getbool command 9 years ago
TingPing 3a7fb4d8e1 osx: Set Menlo as default font
This moves the find_font function to the front ends since it depends on
pango and cairo
9 years ago
TingPing 8e55157e6a Print help messages for user commands 9 years ago
TingPing 29e01daeae Merge pull request #890 from orium/lagmeter-fixes
Lagmeter fixes
9 years ago
TingPing 9f01950bcb Fix warning 9 years ago
ShutterQuick 1b936965ee servlist: Add Canternet 9 years ago
TingPing 0cb025ff06 Prevent users from having the same alternate nicks
For some reason users do this and then complain when they cannot connect
when nick is in use. There are other ways for them to break it but at
least it shouldn't be on accident.
9 years ago
TingPing 604337ccc7 Make all parent directories when creating configdir 9 years ago
TingPing b1a3c6135c Add synIRC to network list
Closes #888
9 years ago
Diogo Sousa 9969282c72 Now make_ping_time() in common/util.c returns the time in milliseconds instead
of microseconds.
In fe_set_lag(serv, lag) the lag argument is now in milliseconds as well.

Fixes #758.
9 years ago
TingPing 83bf77f4d0 More autotools cleanup
- Don't build msproxy if unused
- Add resources to cleanfiles
- Remove old extra_dist from plugins
9 years ago
TingPing a466369356 Respect verbosity setting when building htm 9 years ago
RichardHitt 007f49c39f Fixes #881 Fix two bugs --
gtk_xtext_find_char() adjust negative y for int typecast
	gtk_xtext_find_x() return out_of_bounds TRUE if line outside windodw
	gtk_xtext_selection_draw() recognize TRUE out_of_bounds
9 years ago
TingPing 6487e1b391 osx: Silence openssl deprecated warnings 9 years ago
TingPing eb1d3a063a Allow overriding libdir 9 years ago
Diogo Sousa 1d6d737927 Fixed lag meter getting stuck.
Also lag_sent in struct server should have always been an unsigned long.

Fixes #749.
9 years ago
TingPing 35e84f6edc Show error when you lack write permissions to configdir 9 years ago
TingPing 7fcf70c539 Fix loading default keybindings w/o write permissions
Closes #615
9 years ago
TingPing 4510e8e2a2 Enable --command on win32
and make existing depend on
9 years ago
TingPing 92a3a34785 Actually call commands sent with --command
Closes #884
9 years ago
TingPing 10a03f2216 configure: Clean up EXTRA_DIST 9 years ago
TingPing 093bdd8b1c Fix warning
Leftovers from 38cbabea
9 years ago
TingPing 38cbabea02 Revert GtkObject removal until Gtk3 9 years ago
TingPing ce09cb4a91 Update most deprecated gtk functions 9 years ago
TingPing fa1eb92a7b Update most deprecated gdk functions 9 years ago
TingPing eb29de1c7c Show a popup when opening plugin window when built without support 9 years ago
TingPing 0297da4d6e Fix warning when built without plugins 9 years ago
TingPing 7b0acb2b44 Build with gtk-mac-integration
- Use HexChat logo for dock icon
- Use appmenu (not finished)
10 years ago
TingPing 4319f8009c Don't use SCROLL_HACK on osx 10 years ago
TingPing b2e3214d61 Clean up formatting during build 10 years ago
TingPing c804179a99 Tweak 908 syntax 10 years ago
TingPing 37135cd682 ... Add inbound_sasl_supportedmechs to inbound.h 10 years ago
TingPing 0f0dabdcf4 Support numeric 908 10 years ago
TingPing a817072e6f Add Turkish language to preferences
Users of uk, vi, and wa languages will have to manually change their
lang on Windows after this.
10 years ago
TingPing 7337007fe2 ... and ignore blank network passwords 10 years ago
TingPing 6e049d5975 Login when /server is used on known hostname
This brings back old behavior where you can /server to another
server in the same network and login with services but now is only
sent when the server is known not every time so more secure.
10 years ago
TingPing b2a780e97a libsexy: Properly reflect reset attributes in input 10 years ago
TingPing aae6633c28 Don't select tab while closing with middle-click
Also fix unused warning and ignore shift right click
10 years ago
TingPing 91ea5b6907 Fix warnings 10 years ago
TingPing 20d26aea94 Rewrite dns command
- Cross platform
- Doesn't depend on external tools
10 years ago
Connor Cooper 9cba22c38a Define AI_ADDRCONFIG in inet.h, needed by OpenBSD 10 years ago
TingPing 1e1ef1c6cf Change url-handler example to firefox -new-window
Firefox removed the ability to open private windows with a link
10 years ago
TingPing 537fb85696 Bind middle-click to close tab
Closes #832
10 years ago
Arnavion 2bd1c3f99d Fixed whitespace. 10 years ago
Arnavion c531db4714 fe-gtk: Fixed notification balloons for PMs not getting displayed if blinking tray icons for PMs is unchecked. 10 years ago
Arnavion c7bf4b0474 Replaced use of T4 templates with PS-based templates.
TextTransform.exe is not available with Express versions of Visual Studio.
10 years ago
TingPing 61ceaef57e Properly request server-time when it's the only cap
Closes #862
10 years ago
TingPing afb6685593 Merge pull request #842 from ManiacTwister/setup-fix
Fixed setup window title offsets
10 years ago
PoorDog 96fd4949bd Add Techman's World IRC network
Closes #813
10 years ago
TingPing 5e455be5f3 Merge pull request #864 from RichardHitt/snadge
Ignore realname if it's a null string
10 years ago
TingPing d7e3e4c9a4 Only return channel sessions from find_channel()
Closes #865
10 years ago
RichardHitt 26268d3188 Ignore realname if it's a null string 10 years ago
TingPing 407613a8db Fix NAMES command syntax 10 years ago
Diogo Sousa 40f26429f8 Print{,_attr} and server{,_attr} hooks were incorrectly handled when both
version existed (regular and attrs).  Specifically, the priority was not
respected, and both versions were run even when EAT_PLUGIN was returned.

Fixes #847.
10 years ago
TingPing d38bbb1e2c update help message for /names 10 years ago
TingPing 5c223ec5d5 Fix more warnings 10 years ago
TingPing a656cee382 Fix warnings 10 years ago
Andrew a45ba5bdc0 Add Interlinked 10 years ago
ManiacTwister 2bbb2ac7db Fixed setup window title offsets 10 years ago
TingPing 5331a6145b Fix crash with negative timestamp in banlist
Closes #841
10 years ago
RichardHitt 3821e7a750 Fixes #836. Move to line boundary in _scroll{down,up}_timeout() not _scroll(). 10 years ago
RichardHitt 1aca24f3de Fixes #837. Rewrite gtk_xtext_scroll{down,up}_timeout(). 10 years ago
RichardHitt 811caaaa3d Fixes #836. In gtk_xtext_scroll() always force line integral line boundary. 10 years ago
Arnavion e8282d97f1 fe-gtk: Quote path to glib-compile-resources.exe 10 years ago
Arnavion 2e75068c7c Use correct path to TextTransform.exe depending on the platform. 10 years ago
TingPing af248ce2c1 Fix invalid timestamps crashing on Windows 10 years ago
TingPing 7e6f37b4cd Update help message for kick/kickban 10 years ago
TingPing f178b551da Don't auto unmark away when getting znc playback 10 years ago
TingPing 9afd169362 Round 4 of gtk accessor functions: setup.c 10 years ago
TingPing e8d4f3f848 Properly set away and fullscreen menu items 10 years ago
TingPing 30a47cf62e Fix random_line() cutting off text
fgets() wont include the newline
10 years ago
TingPing aadee8afba Use a full path to configdir when using portable mode
This avoids the issue of plugins changing paths on us
10 years ago
TingPing a1c9294b89 Only update userlistgui when necessary 10 years ago
TingPing 7cf9ea83cb xtext: Get proper text width with attributes 10 years ago
TingPing d1de138cb1 Sensitize banlist buttons if half-op
For #647
10 years ago
Jahan Addison 120a5a1dcd Match nick last when checking url
Closes #796
10 years ago
TingPing 36e41a6476 fix another warning 10 years ago
TingPing 0ff2ade078 fix warning 10 years ago
Farow bb5d589c79 Open channel list window on /list 10 years ago
Diogo Sousa 6d3c176ff8 url_check_line () now recognizes all urls
previously it only recognized url with "://" after the scheme.
Urls without a scheme are purposely not recognized by this function.

Fixes #701
Closes #815
10 years ago
Diogo Sousa a25363f5c3 make_re() now doesn't free the argument.
This is good practice and also helped simplifying re_*() functions.
10 years ago
TingPing a72d40284d fix some warnings 10 years ago
TingPing 4a591cf7d7 Port editlist to GtkTreeView 10 years ago
TingPing 19e3fce2eb Fix SASL on some networks 10 years ago
TingPing 20c9c94a61 Ignore nick prefix when splitting NAMES reply 10 years ago
TingPing ad1520b29a Only split NAMES reply if server supports userhost-in-names 10 years ago
TingPing 06a7d84b43 Add support for userhost-in-names capability 10 years ago
TingPing d960006de4 Add option to auto +x on connect 10 years ago
TingPing cf5e2f273f libsexy: last color parsing improvement 10 years ago
TingPing f342123d7f libsexy: More color parsing improvements 10 years ago
TingPing aac231d307 Remove dead networks 10 years ago
TingPing 0e8069661f Default to SASL on every supported network 10 years ago
TingPing 737325b417 Remove #xchat from ChatJunkies autojoin 10 years ago
TingPing bc3b923131 Respect use global flag with SASL 10 years ago
TingPing c6ad450151 Focus new server tabs 10 years ago
TingPing a284219abd Reset entry attributes on newlines 10 years ago
TingPing 2e08b3a2da Add remaining chanopts to plugin api
In flags of get_list('channels')
10 years ago
TingPing 57d168e56a Fix moving channels when using tabs 10 years ago
TingPing 490b9a91e4 Don't overwrite existing ignores when flooded
Closes #792
10 years ago
TingPing 80cbc74b2b Remove commented out networks in servlist 10 years ago
Diogo Sousa cf370d7e79 When opening a query dialog with /query nick msg, the message was not shown in
the newly opened dialog. This fixes that issue.
10 years ago
Iota Spencer 1b07c0f54b Renamed FurryLand to ElectronIRC
Closes #804
Closes #780
10 years ago
TingPing d941af5a6f Don't open banlist in empty channel tab 10 years ago
Arnavion e2edbfe47d win32: Use version information from to populate the Windows-specific files that need it - config-win32.h, version.txt, hexchat.rc, hexchat.iss
This is done via T4 templates. The original files are now generated at build-time and so have been added to .gitignore and removed from the repository, with the exception of version.txt which must be hosted on GitHub for the updater plugin.
10 years ago
Denis M. 0b228246ba Better understandable option for the input box's color rendering 10 years ago
TingPing cbf275777c xtext: store palette as GdkColors 10 years ago
XhmikosR c226f4089a Fix a few cppcheck warnings.
Use the proper data type in format functions and fix a resource leak.
10 years ago
TingPing 0a0bb57b2a Remove left over ifdef for spellcheck 10 years ago
Diogo Sousa 5ad9552365 Fix messages with server-time not showing as new activity
Added a parameter to fe_print_text() to say that the message does not represent
new activity. This is used when a log from an old session is loaded. This used
to be implicit whenever the timestamp was non-zero, but with server-time this no
longer makes sense.

Fixes issue #746.
10 years ago
TingPing 111a58f1ef Improve Windows installer
- Unify x86 and x64 installer files
- Get rid of version program
- Clean up .iss file
- Only allow one installation
10 years ago
TingPing 1f06922803 Revert 2d5cb3ec7b
Scrolling has issues i couldn't easily fix, will get back to
later but lets keep this usable
10 years ago
TingPing 2d5cb3ec7b Round 3 of Gtk accessor functions: xtext 10 years ago
TingPing 44ad5703ea Work around for /away being called multiple times
This will have to be solved eventually in menu.c so you can change their
status without emitting the signals.
10 years ago
TingPing b393d2f62f Fix scroll buttons when using tabs 10 years ago
TingPing 0c3220c469 Add preference to change tabs on scroll
Also revert e52905f50c
10 years ago
TingPing e52905f50c Add chanview files to project 10 years ago
TingPing aafbb6374b Round 2.5 of gtk accessor functions
Some leftovers in chanview-tabs and maingui
10 years ago
TingPing c463236521 Round two of gtk accessor functions: chanview-tabs 10 years ago
Alf Gaida cc6de3f665 some Typos causing lintian moaning: {R,r}eciev.. -> {R,r}eceiv.. 10 years ago
Farow 65eb233f9c tree-view: switch tabs on mouse wheel up/down 10 years ago
TingPing e10faa0369 Fix crash with long notify lists. 10 years ago
Farow 4ec0e6fd05 libsexy: Improve color parsing
- Background colour is only parsed when there's a comma
- Offset for background color is incorrectly calculated (there's no
control character, just a comma)
10 years ago
TingPing a47740636d libsexy: never include spaces when spell-checking 10 years ago
TingPing a29ccffcbe libsexy: Add "HexChat" to session dictionary 10 years ago
Arnavion fa955a0f1a Don't try to update the clear button state when there's no DCC window. 10 years ago
TingPing 301e5d260d More improvements to libsexy
- Add option for showing attributes in input
- Improve attribute parsing
- Fix detecting iso-codes on unix
- Improve getting default langs from $LANG
- Fix warnings
10 years ago
TingPing da680f1066 Use spell entry for topicbar
Closes #150
10 years ago
TingPing 67a488033b libsexy: Don't mark nicks spelled incorrect 10 years ago
TingPing f6dd61cb02 Update to gtkspell3's iso code lookup
This no longer requires libxml
so now there is no reason for this to be optional
10 years ago
TingPing eb93130cd3 Remove gtkspell support 10 years ago
TingPing d643056ca0 Fix loading enchant on Unix 10 years ago
TingPing ba74e70ec1 libsexy: load colors more efficiently 10 years ago
TingPing 6c3d201070 libsexy: fix spell-check on contractions 10 years ago
TingPing af2458f556 Parse attributes in the input box 10 years ago
TingPing 7ba2f1f17f Topic bar improvements
- Don't show on server tab
- Don't show unavailable modes
- Remove less used modes and add more common ones
- Use proper case for buttons
10 years ago
TingPing a831ecfd01 Strip trailing space from pluginpref_list entries 10 years ago
TingPing b7e8f64bba Fix crash in hexchat_pluginpref_list()
Set max output size to 4096
10 years ago
Benjamin Burkhart 0791c8f069 RFC 1459 does not require channel name be above 0 characters, only that there's a prefix involved, this behavior is present elsewhere in xchat's join channel dialog, making this match. 10 years ago
TingPing 247d84fbd1 Remove unused gtk-prefs project 10 years ago
TingPing 00bd389cdc Merge branch 'gresource' 10 years ago
TingPing 1f84c507a0 Reorganize files and migrate images to gresource 10 years ago
TingPing 4ba886f7aa Accept %I in text events 10 years ago
TingPing d552415abe Add default keybindings for italics and underline 10 years ago
TingPing c537dae7f8 Use Pango Attributes for bold and italics 10 years ago
TingPing 0d2feba69c Revert fast scrolling with background image 10 years ago
TingPing 958f4099f1 Remove overdraw 10 years ago
TingPing 449553ffb0 Replace xtext's transparency with full window transparency
Xtext's transparency barely worked on windows, didn't work on any modern
linux wm and used fake transparency.
This uses gtk's built in window opacity that works on more systems and
is real transparency.
Text area only transparency may return with a transition to cairo, if it
works on Windows.
10 years ago
TingPing f23bda9e46 Remove useless defines
10 years ago
TingPing ef73a89139 Remove XFT, SHM, and MMX 10 years ago
TingPing 61b58fd5be Remove remnants of native file dialogs 10 years ago
TingPing 6f013e807c Remove whats left of gconf 10 years ago
TingPing c7a00a4aba Only show users country if its not unknown 10 years ago
TingPing 7bc3317eeb Don't open most windows at mouse position 10 years ago
TingPing 8028bb7f82 Make join dialog modal 10 years ago
TingPing f198581a09 Split long messages at spaces 10 years ago
TingPing 4c9b193b45 Fix tab completion with utf8 completion char
Closes #738
10 years ago
TingPing 130be78dbb typo.. 10 years ago
TingPing 29d6db30ba Update help messages for userlist buttons and user popups 10 years ago
TingPing 2e6001f1ed Revert menu.c @ ae04663aa9
This caused a few bugs such as improperly setting away/back
and redrawing the channel tree when the menu is opened.
10 years ago
TingPing 9c4112cda7 Fix /cycle command
- Uses the correct channelkey when called from another tab
- Allows it to be used from any tab in the same server
- Verifies it's a channel you are in
10 years ago
TingPing 04dbcdffc0 Only underline the channel part if nick prefix 10 years ago
TingPing 0146a38faa Fix url detection of channel with nick prefix
Closes #769
10 years ago
TingPing 145ceba124 Strip trailing space from CAP REQ
Mentioned in #770
10 years ago
TingPing 51cdcfca82 Fix warning 10 years ago
TingPing ae04663aa9 First round of using GTK accessor functions
This is the first step to build with GSEAL_ENABLE
setup.c uses a deprecated fontchooser,
chanview-tabs.c didn't like the conversion, and
I am waiting to do some work on xtext.c before
converting it.
10 years ago
TingPing 9f8073ab77 Fix messages on networks that have chantypes the same as nick prefixes
Closes #763
10 years ago
TingPing 36911710fd Make manual reposition after unfullscreen Windows only 10 years ago
TingPing 267ac71d4f Replace more GDK_* with GDK_KEY 10 years ago
TingPing f6ba274134 Add fullscreen to to view menu 10 years ago
Richard Hitt cd825ac735 Improve text repositioning when searchbar string is modified. 10 years ago
TingPing 1007af9506 Add message arguement to /query
Closes #757
10 years ago
TingPing b67953c70c Searchbar: Don't show error on empty string 10 years ago
TingPing 1a67e245ac Fix searchbar loading highlight all pref on start 10 years ago
Eustachy Kapusta b658fca4a7 Convert project files to vs2013 10 years ago
TingPing 277732e384 Fix xtext crash in rawlog/text events window
Closes #740
10 years ago
TingPing f13413c26a Fix logging networks with invalid names on Windows 10 years ago
TingPing ddb3bf05d8 use GDK_KEY 10 years ago
TingPing bc8eaf6588 Replace search window with a searchbar 10 years ago
TingPing b0b8f40791 Replace search window with a searchbar 10 years ago
Eustachy Kapusta aa37686bbd Move optimization settings from all subsequent projects to hexchat.props 10 years ago
TingPing ccd4945504 Merge xchat r1525
Fixes possible crash
10 years ago
TingPing 59b19bac70 Update tooltip for sound alerts without libcanberra 10 years ago
TingPing 14b8a77b78 Default spotchat to SASL 10 years ago
TingPing 68153812f7 Add channelkey to channel lists 10 years ago
TingPing bb1062ae2a Merge branch 'saslmech' 10 years ago
TingPing bdb18828e3 Disable challangeauth without openssl 10 years ago
TingPing a903f16c68 Implement BLOWFISh, AES, and EXTERNAL SASL mechanisms
Closes #657
10 years ago
TingPing 703316ace6 Merge pull request #733 from hexchat/filedialog
Improve file dialogs
10 years ago
TingPing 88afa4afa2 Fix detecting utf-8 on some networks 10 years ago
TingPing bf269d2e03 Of course mimetype doesn't work on Windows.. 10 years ago
TingPing 755932c3bc Use mimetypes for audio and images 10 years ago
TingPing 4c406bce17 Improve file dialogs
- Fixes #314
- Adds file extensions to sound and image browsing
- Some options no longer default to our config dir
- Always add a shortcut to our config dir
- Remove broken 'last_dir' functionality, gtk already knows recent
10 years ago
NoneGiven 731fd33be2 Update text events, fix colored vhosts 10 years ago
hasufell 08fd4f2dd7 BUILD: use instead of Makefile echo 10 years ago
hasufell 8f0d6e85fd BUILD: don't hardcode the install path in the script 10 years ago
hasufell 7dea09c371 BUILD: fix quoting issue
\"$@\" got malformed and interpreted by the Makefile
10 years ago
hasufell ce5653d75c BUILD: add --with-theme-manager configure option 10 years ago