Remove last remnants of GtkClists

These were removed a while ago
TingPing 9 years ago
parent 2a28289314
commit 9bd7405502

@ -33,14 +33,6 @@ GtkWidget *gtkutil_button (GtkWidget *box, char *stock, char *tip, void *callbac
void gtkutil_label_new (char *text, GtkWidget * box);
GtkWidget *gtkutil_entry_new (int max, GtkWidget * box, void *callback,
gpointer userdata);
GtkWidget *gtkutil_clist_new (int columns, char *titles[], GtkWidget * box,
int policy, void *select_callback,
gpointer select_userdata,
void *unselect_callback,
gpointer unselect_userdata, int selection_mode);
int gtkutil_clist_selection (GtkWidget * clist);
int gtkutil_clist_multiple_selection (GtkWidget * clist,
int ** rows, const int max_rows);
void show_and_unfocus (GtkWidget * wid);
void gtkutil_set_icon (GtkWidget *win);
GtkWidget *gtkutil_window_new (char *title, char *role, int width, int height, int flags);

@ -377,14 +377,6 @@ fe_userlist_insert (session *sess, struct User *newuser, gboolean sel)
mg_set_access_icon (sess->gui, pix, sess->server->is_away);
#if 0
if (prefs.hilitenotify && notify_isnotify (sess, newuser->nick))
gtk_clist_set_foreground ((GtkCList *) sess->gui->user_clist, row,
/* is it the front-most tab? */
if (gtk_tree_view_get_model (GTK_TREE_VIEW (sess->gui->user_tree))
== model)