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Daniel Stenberg 67a83c1b34 David Shaw finally removed all traces of Gopher and we are now officially
not supporting it. It hasn't been functioning for years anyway, so this is
just finally stating what already was true. And a cleanup at the same time.
2006-01-16 22:14:37 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 1e8d094274 improved the description of the -L/--location option 2006-01-16 00:00:28 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4c35a40858 Bryan Henderson turned the 'initialized' variable for curl_global_init()
into a counter, and thus you can now do multiple curl_global_init() and you
are then supposed to do the same amount of calls to curl_global_cleanup().
Bryan also updated the docs accordingly.
2006-01-15 23:55:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 802b2aaf6a adjusted to use curl_multi_setopt() to set the callback 2006-01-15 23:17:46 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0e79a8944b adjusted to the new concept of the callback 2006-01-15 23:15:24 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg bebf70667d Andrew Benham fixed a race condition in the test suite that could cause the
test script to kill all processes in the current process group!
2006-01-13 12:16:16 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d9bd5de0b1 Fixed FTP_SKIP_PASV_IP and FTP_USE_EPSV to "do right" when used on FTP thru
HTTP proxy.
2006-01-12 22:18:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 31c7aa0ba4 Michael Jahn fixed ftp over CONNECT 2006-01-12 12:40:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg fc2388189f mention the "secret" option as I've got no feedback and it is actually present
in 7.15.1
2006-01-10 23:08:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4431338691 When using a bad path over FTP, as in when libcurl couldn't CWD into all
given subdirs, libcurl would still "remember" the full path as if it is the
current directory libcurl is in so that the next curl_easy_perform() would
get really confused if it tried the same path again - as it would not issue
any CWD commands at all, assuming it is already in the "proper" dir.

Starting now, a failed CWD command sets a flag that prevents the path to be
"remembered" after returning.
2006-01-10 23:03:22 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg bda1e9aeab Made the copyright year match the latest modification's year. 2006-01-09 13:17:14 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4969ca768d Alexander Lazic improved the getservbyport_r() configure check. 2006-01-09 08:31:48 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2acd1c1642 one more mirror, now fortunately in Japan 2006-01-08 23:28:33 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e1e753179a use the proper dash 2006-01-08 22:55:13 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f4cc8153ae Mike Jean fixed so that the second CONNECT when doing FTP over a HTTP proxy
actually used a new connection and not sent the second request on the first
2006-01-07 22:24:16 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e4d8cb4ee0 buildconf fixes 2006-01-06 22:59:34 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 723a78ae3f As Alexander Lazic pointed out, run the buildconf from the ares dir if that
is present instead of trying to duplicate that stuff in this script.
2006-01-06 22:08:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cd9d0d7dec Use $ACLOCAL_FLAGS too, pointed out by Alexander Lazic 2006-01-06 22:07:51 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 665d4f08c8 summary of what we have 2006-01-05 14:58:34 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 00c7780fcb James Bursa fixes: find the hosts file on RISC OS, and made it build with
newer gcc versions that no longer defines "riscos".
2006-01-05 07:57:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 15ab13dc42 Yang Tse has been helping out 2006-01-05 07:56:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 8a0ca3066e modified output to prevent the autobuild system to trap on the 'FAILED' output
mistaking it for an actual failed test case
2006-01-04 23:02:40 +00:00
Gisle Vanem ea01755bb4 Added ares_getsock.obj. 2006-01-04 14:21:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 69c2084a18 updated test programs to use the API as it currently works 2006-01-04 14:11:35 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 99c0a1a7d0 removed easy handle argument from proto 2006-01-04 14:09:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 5acf997e69 upcoming new error code 2006-01-04 14:09:42 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg dd87e4ed39 Andres Garcia made the TFTP test server build with mingw. 2006-01-04 10:07:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2f8c26ba8a not much recent stuff, but still I had this modified locally 2006-01-04 10:04:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 81b9793807 Added remake of the arpa/tftp.h file to make the TFTP server build on systems
without the real header file.
2006-01-03 22:47:07 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7278f17e8f killed trailing whitespace 2006-01-03 22:44:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 66c7427df0 Andres Garcia made the TFTP test server build with mingw ("I also had to copy
the 'tftp.h' file from a linux box, since it doesn't come with mingw.")
2006-01-03 22:19:15 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg c1a06d858d CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION is really not a good idea when using the multi
2006-01-03 15:53:29 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 53b5fdbe9e fixed the prototype 2006-01-03 15:52:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 687cf0235e modified to hush compiler warnings 2006-01-03 12:18:22 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg b6e9229cf0 Removed inaccurate comment for upcoming curl_multi_socket() and family.
Modified the callback proto used for it.
2006-01-02 23:37:48 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 089e4848d8 minor edits 2006-01-02 23:32:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 58d2e7c6d1 Initial description of the upcoming curl_multi_timeout() function 2006-01-02 23:00:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg fa18d6fb76 I removed the timeout argument from the socket callback and did some other
cleanups of this man page. The lengthy description has now also been removed
from curl/multi.h since it immediately got tedious to maintain the info on
two places when I did major updates...
2006-01-02 22:58:56 +00:00
Gisle Vanem 4dcb930247 Include <sys/ioctl.h> before redefining ioctl(). 2006-01-02 18:35:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 74a299fd08 1. sws now supports two new "commands" and 2. if built with
CURL_SWS_FORK_ENABLED defined it forks for each new connection and thus can
support any amount of connection clients (used for hiper tests and not for the
standard plain curl test suite)
2006-01-02 12:19:12 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 532a560d87 we're working on 1.3.1 (or more) 2006-01-02 09:13:56 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt 0040a60559 fix questionable compare 2005-12-30 00:35:21 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt cc34342790 fix questionable compare compiler error (unsigned can't be < 0) 2005-12-30 00:20:46 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt bdbf6e9d19 removed defunct email address 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt db86f765eb removed .h and .sdl 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt b11dec5dd5 putting back into dist 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt 86becc7591 put back into dist to lessen build confusion for some 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt 8922bc038b put back into dist since most people didn't want to use SDL 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt 009f5790a4 changed HAVE_STRTOK to follow CRTL version 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00
Marty Kuhrt 0536b6c459 added TFTP errors to match curl.h 2005-12-30 00:07:25 +00:00