Initial description of the upcoming curl_multi_timeout() function

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.TH curl_multi_timeout 3 "2 Jan 2006" "libcurl 7.16.0" "libcurl Manual"
curl_multi_timeout \- how long to wait for action before proceeding
#include <curl/curl.h>
long curl_multi_timeout(CURLM *multi_handle);
An application using the libcurl multi interface should call
\fBcurl_multi_timeout(3)\fP to figure out how long it should wait for socket
actions \- at most \- before proceeding.
Proceeding means either doing the socket-style timeout action: call the
\fBcurl_multi_socket(3)\fP function with the \fBsockfd\fP argument set to
CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT and the \fBeasy\fP argument set to CURL_EASY_TIMEOUT, or
simply calling \fBcurl_multi_perform(3)\fP if you're using the simpler and
older multi interface approach.
The timeout value in number of milliseconds. If 0, it means you should proceed
immediately without waiting for anything.
Call \fBcurl_multi_timeout(3)\fP, then wait for action on the sockets. You
figure out which sockets to wait for by calling \fBcurl_multi_fdset(3)\fP or
by a previous call to \fBcurl_multi_socket(3)\fP.
This function was added in libcurl 7.16.0
.BR curl_multi_cleanup "(3), " curl_multi_init "(3), "
.BR curl_multi_fdset "(3), " curl_multi_info_read "(3), "
.BR curl_multi_socket "(3) "