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  Travis Burtrum 3733e676f9 Implement numbered saves to avoid catastrophic save game loss 3 months ago
  Travis Burtrum 86785bcd72 Add Dockerfile and make it buildable as-is 3 months ago
  Robin Jones 2785f5f50a fixed MP3 playback 4 years ago
  Robin Jones 4c412cafa3 Updated readme to state WSFL install required. 4 years ago
  Robin Jones ae66a2f06f updated audio library repo 5 years ago
  Robin Jones ea6e5cc24d minor updates to readme 5 years ago
  Robin Jones 29753b1c27 update to gitignore 5 years ago
  Robin Jones 42b5d9e09e Updated readme 5 years ago
  Robin Jones 63872f6e61 Added automated scripts for building on windows 10 5 years ago
  Jay Oster 90fb4e39a5 Initial GS code engine implementation 7 years ago
  Jay Oster 18a06dac95 Fix libmikmod-n64 build instructions in README 7 years ago
  Jay Oster 174d9d96e6 README is now Markdown 8 years ago
  Jay Oster 8e02ecece7 Update README 8 years ago
  Jay Oster bb1e653309 Initial Commit: v0.186 8 years ago