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An emulator for an old Java MMORPG.

Install the JRE and JDK
Install Ant
Install Ivy
Install MySQL
Install a Web-Server

Ensure all the paths are set correctly.

Import Database.sql

If you have any questions regarding that use Google.

For account authentication (using the default config) you need to copy the auth.php in the LoginServer folder, and ensure that localhost/auth.php is pointed to it.

It is highly recommended that you modify it so that it checks the credentials provided against the database.

Go to LoginServer in the terminal/command prompt and type--
ant run

Go to GameServer in the terminal/command prompy and type--
ant run

You're now ready to start accept connections.

To compile modules go in the module's directory and run the following command--
ant build

To use the module copy the newly created JAR into the modules folder in the respective server. You may need to change some configuration files for the module to be used.