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Add note about postgres 2 months ago
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Add exiftool and upgrade pg 2 months ago
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Add ffmpeg for media_preview_proxy 3 months ago
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Fix pleroma build on new versions 9 months ago
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emoji mountpoint fixup (#10) 1 year ago
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Create persistent emoji mount (Fixes #8) 1 year ago
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Fix compilation 1 year ago
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Rename default branch (Fixes #7) 1 year ago
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Update git link and initdb 1 year ago
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Upgrade base image 2 years ago
  sn0w 6f4747304a add basic healthcheck support 2 years ago
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  sn0w da4c279fff documentation updates 2 years ago
  sn0w 140b52353b Expose Gopher/SSH in dockerfile 2 years ago
  sn0w b768471a7d Dockerfile and scripting improvements 2 years ago
  sn0w b44d428493 Scripting fixup 2 years ago
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Update readme 3 years ago
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Update docs 3 years ago
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Add cache tag warnings 3 years ago
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Fix missing mogrify 3 years ago
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Fix compilation and upgrade alpine 3 years ago
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:shipit: fixup 3 years ago
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Add cp command 3 years ago
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Add some more examples to dist config 3 years ago