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Using the repository

Building XEPs

You'll need xmllint and xsltproc.

On Ubuntu, you can install them with sudo apt install libxml2-utils xsltproc

To build a single XEP as HTML simply run:

make xep-xxxx.html

To build PDFs, you'll need to install TeXML (probably in a Python 2 virtual environment). You can then build PDFs with:

make xep-xxxx.pdf

To change the output directory, set the variable OUTDIR, eg.

OUTDIR=/tmp/xeps make all

For more information try make help.

Using Docker

A full set of HTML and PDFs can be generated inside a docker container, with no dependencies on the host other than Docker itself, and served by nginx in the container. To build the template make docker, to run it make testdocker (serves on http://localhost:3080), and to stop/delete it afterwards make stopdocker