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Florian Schmaus 9ae18b9e99 XEP-0390: Explain that ASCII Seperators are invalid only in XML *1.0*
but not in XML 1.1.
3 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 445e6c1e57 XEP-0390: add revision block 3 years ago
Florian Schmaus ab22062345 ecaps2: mention xml:lang inheritance from <stream>
The remark already talks about the outer elements as potential source
of xml:lang, but it does not explicitly mention the root <stream> open
element as further source. Better to spell this out explicitly to hint
implementors towards it.
3 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 5898d845ec XEP-0390: deferred due to lack of activity 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 6f4924685e Add &jonaswielicki; entity to xep.ent 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki e0e48ce412 xep-0390: gratuitous caps for pre-presence publishing of caps to the server 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 1f02a18d2b xep-0390: specify query interception 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki f3a9ca6b39 xep-0390: clearly specify handling of xml:lang attributes 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki f51b6fcc31 Add registrar entries 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 5b588a1876 ecaps2 (XEP-0390) to version 0.1
* Some editing
* Explicitly mention the possible need for rate-limiting of caps
  processing in Security Considerations
* Reference UTF-8 and Base64 RFCs
* Reference U+002E properly
* Clarify error condition for Hash Function Input algorithm
6 years ago
Sam Whited 4de66367b2 Publish ecaps2 as XEP-0390 6 years ago