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<title>Entity Capabilities 2.0</title>
<abstract>This document overhauls the XMPP protocol extension Entity Capabilities (XEP-0115). It defines an XMPP protocol extension for broadcasting and dynamically discovering client, device, or generic entity capabilities. In order to minimize network impact, the transport mechanism is standard XMPP presence broadcast (thus forestalling the need for polling related to service discovery data), the capabilities information can be cached either within a session or across sessions, and the format has been kept as small as possible.</abstract>
<type>Standards Track</type>
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The protocol documented by this schema is defined in XEP-xxxx:
The protocol documented by this schema is defined in XEP-0390:

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<!ENTITY xep0387 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2017 (XEP-0387)</link></span> <note>XEP-0387: XMPP Compliance Suites 2017 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0388 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extensible SASL Profile (XEP-0388)</link></span> <note>XEP-0388: Extensible SASL Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0389 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extensible In-Band Registration (XEP-0389)</link></span> <note>XEP-0389: Extensible In-Band Registration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0390 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Capabilities 2.0 (XEP-0390)</link></span> <note>XEP-0390: Entity Capabilities 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >