XEP-0410: add mandatory service response for self-optimization

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<p>Therefore, a MUC service supporting this protocol may directly respond
to a participant's Ping request to the participant's own nickname, as
opposed to routing it to any of the participant's clients. A service
implementing this behavior needs to advertise the
implementing this optimization needs to advertise the
<tt>self-ping-optimization</tt> feature in the &xep0030; response on
the individual MUC room JIDs.</p>
the individual MUC room JIDs, and it MUST respond to a self-ping request
as follows:</p>
<li><strong>Successful IQ response</strong>: the client is joined to the MUC.</li>
<li><strong>Error (&lt;not-acceptable&gt;)</strong>: the client is not joined to the MUC.</li>
<example caption='MUC Service Advertises Self-Ping Optimization'><![CDATA[
<iq from='darkcave@chat.shakespeare.lit'