XEP-0410: add footnote about expected service errors

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<li><strong>Error (&lt;item-not-found&gt;)</strong>: the client is
joined, but the participant just changed their name (e.g. initiated by
a different client).</li>
<li><strong>Any other error</strong>: the client is probably not
<li><strong>Any other error</strong><note>Different service
implementations will send different responses to a client that's not
joined. The recommended error code is &lt;not-acceptable&gt;, however
some servers will respond with &lt;not-allowed&gt; or
&lt;bad-request&gt; as well.</note>: the client is probably not
joined any more. It should perform a re-join.</li>
<li><strong>Timeout (no response)</strong>: the MUC service (or another
client) is unreachable. The client may indicate the status to the user