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How to contribute

You found a bug

Please open a new issue.

To fix the bug quickly, we need some infos:

  • your wallabag version (on top of the ./index.php file, and also on config page)
  • your webserver installation :
    • type of hosting (shared or dedicaced)
    • in case of a dedicaced server, the server and OS used
    • the php version used, eventually phpinfo()
  • which storage system you choose at install (SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL)
  • any problem on the wallabag_compatibility_test.php page
  • any particular details which could be related

If relevant :

  • the link you want to save and which causes problem
  • the file you want to import into wallabag, or just an extract

If you have the skills :

  • enable DEBUG mode and look the output at cache/log.txt
  • look for errors into php and server logs

Note : If you have large portions of text, use Github's Gist service or other pastebin-like.

You want to fix a bug or to add a feature

Please fork wallabag and work with the dev branch only. Do not work on master branch.

Don't forget to read our guidelines.