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uinput-mapper maps input devices to new virtual input devices, using (as implied
by the name /dev/uinput[1]).

[1] Or /dev/input/uinput depending on the OS.

Usage and Configuration

Configuration is done in Python; examples and other information can be found on
the project website:


None that I am aware of, but if you find some please drop me a mail at (You can find my email address there)

Python binding for linux/input.h ; somewhat incomplete.
Included in uinput-mapper ; may be split later

Python binding for linux/uinput.h ; not complete yet.
Included in uinput-mapper ; may be split later

Development notes

Generating uinputmapper/

gcc -E -dM /usr/include/linux/input.h | egrep ' (EV|SYN|KEY|BTN|REL|ABS|MSC|LED|SND|REP|SW)_[A-Za-z0-9_]+' | ( echo "#include <linux/input.h>" ; echo "input_constants_dict = {" ; awk '{print "\\""$2"\\" : " $3","}' ; echo "}" ) | gcc -E -o /dev/stdout - | awk '{ if ($0 == "input_constants_dict = {") pit=1; if (pit == 1) print $0; }' > uinputmapper/