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sendxmpp is the XMPP equivalent of sendmail. It is an alternative to the old sendxmpp written in Perl, or the newer sendxmpp-py.

Installation: cargo install sendxmpp

Configuration: cp sendxmpp.toml ~/.config/ and edit ~/.config/sendxmpp.toml with your XMPP credentials

Usage: sendxmpp [OPTIONS] [ARGUMENTS]

Positional arguments:

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -c, --config CONFIG  path to config file. default: ~/.config/sendxmpp.toml with fallback to /etc/sendxmpp/sendxmpp.toml
  -e, --force-pgp      Force OpenPGP encryption for all recipients
  -a, --attempt-pgp    Attempt OpenPGP encryption for all recipients
  -r, --raw            Send raw XML stream, cannot be used with recipients or PGP
  -p, --presence       Send a <presence/> after connecting before sending messages, required for receiving for --raw
  -m, --muc            Recipients are Multi-User Chats
  -n, --nick NICK      Nickname to use in Multi-User Chats

Usage examples:

  • echo "This is a test" | sendxmpp user@host
  • sendxmpp user@host <README.md


GNU/AGPLv3 - Check LICENSE.md for details