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  Travis Burtrum 2344fa97c4 Add basic maven pom.xml and test 3 years ago
  Andreas Beeker 680683cf77 merge down trunk 5 years ago
  David North 299af644b8 As Nick suspected, the dependency is actually from HSSF too so commons collections 4 needs adding to the main POM 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler cc576a9887 Update to latest commons-codec-1.10 and commons-logging-1.2, use the properties for these libs everywhere in build.xml 6 years ago
  Dominik Stadler ff2dece3ce Update to junit-4.12, the jar file is downloaded, so not required on classpath anymore. Also adjust version in pom.xml for Sonar. 7 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 42683639b5 Update commons-logging to 1.1.3 and set scope to test for hamcrest lib in pom 8 years ago
  Nick Burch 247d74cfa8 Sync the Maven POM defined dependencies with the Ant build ones 8 years ago
  Maxim Valyanskiy 08f35b2ad5 add commons-codec to maven-pom 11 years ago
  Yegor Kozlov b230e92709 marked commons-logging and log4j as optional dependencies in POI poms, see Bugzilla 50067 11 years ago
  Josh Micich 5e240d7032 deleted 'svn:executable' property 12 years ago
  Yegor Kozlov b68a8f083f improved tasks for making Maven artifacts1. maven-dist is now obsolete, maven artifacts are taken from dist2. release manager should use 'mvn deploy:deploy-file' to deploy POI artifacts, dist/mvn-deploy.sh is automatically generated by the maven-poms task3. each poi module now has its own pom template in the ./maven directory 13 years ago
  Yegor Kozlov d4d005f702 removed dependencies for jaxen and xerces, ooxml module does not need them 13 years ago
  Yegor Kozlov 9276e99d9d 1. support for the ooxml maven dependencies: 13 years ago