8564 Commits (2344fa97c48335f24046bade80aeba1ae6a70690)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Travis Burtrum 2344fa97c4 Add basic maven pom.xml and test 3 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 4727ab718d Allow specifying SpreadsheetVersion when instantiating blank HSSFWorkbook 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 8ab388eb78 In Formula cache Ptg[] instead of constantly (un)serializing it from the byte encoding 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 00968d5f10 Fix incorrect use of short when unsigned short was required in NamePtg 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 9432be9dd6 Unit tests for XSSFWorkbook.setCellFormulaValidation 4 years ago
  Travis Burtrum dbb6f07f29 Add Workbook.setCellFormulaValidation to control whether formulas are validated during Cell.setCellFormula or not 4 years ago
  Andreas Beeker f10fa7ac69 tag r1791045 as 3.16 5 years ago
  Andreas Beeker 2bfad141fc release prepare for 3.16 - updating build.xml and status.xml 5 years ago
  Greg Woolsey b37a4e5640 The new HeapDump class uses com.sun.* classes, which the previous settings flagged as an error in Eclipse. This changes them to warnings so compilation can succeed. 5 years ago
  Greg Woolsey 6163e4ca45 Issue #60971, handle formula chart titles 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 0ddc4da7e2 bug 50955 - add logging per Javen's recommendation. Thank you! 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 9412d467f3 bug 50955 - incorporate info from the DocumentSummaryInformation for 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 44d536e4ce bug 50955 - try originally guessed codepoint, backoff to 1252 if that fails 5 years ago
  Andreas Beeker 1f41c31984 Fix AIOOBE while extracting hssf pictures which are externally linked 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 1ce1f599bf Exclude some additional nodes from OpenJDK builds 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 48526517cd Adjust checking for Zip-Bomb errors so it also works on JDK >= 8 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 77614b8c49 Test for another type of xml-bomb 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 0f193371ea Fix issue found via large corpus tests: HSSFPicture in a HSSFShapeGroup might not have a patriarch set, so let's walk up the parents to try to find one. 5 years ago
  Nick Burch eb427080e8 Javadoc fixes 5 years ago
  Tim Allison f426849947 bug 50955 convert Set to Singleton per Javen's code review 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 1bfd5f6585 bug 50955 and bug 60953 improve Big5 reader; ensure one character 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 4b0e6dc048 bug 50955 -- turn off test that now passes in Java 1.8 and 1.7 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 3c62c898a4 bug 50955 -- fix for java 7 5 years ago
  Tim Allison af51ea4c10 bug 50955 -- word 6.0 charset fix 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler c77f1ad3da Cater for two different locations of test-results in Gradle 2.x and 3.x 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 9dcb5d4c47 Bug 60906 -- clean up, and add range checking for casting to ints. 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 3d20031b56 Bug 60489 -- add @Test annotation so that this actually runs and includes ConnectsType...<facepalm/> 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 925f4b85ad Bug 60906 -- fix style index 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 3953b18e2b 60881 -- fix unit test to use assumeTrue thanks to Javen's recommendation. 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 2674dad889 60881 -- strip out system.set props for local test. 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 26dddd5184 60881 -- fix new unit test. xlsb test file apparently requires unlimited jce. If not installed, ignore new test. 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 69c3311a98 60881 and 60891 -- on further look, no need to throw an exception for an encrypted xlsb. On the second, let's fix readFully to read fully. 5 years ago
  Tim Allison e4f884a915 60879 -- figure out if we can support old beta xlsb or throw exception. For now, let's hope there's only one diff and/or the other bounds checking etc will throw exception if there are other problems. 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 1aee770758 Bug 60042: Add sample file to check if this bug is fixed via bug 55791 already. 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler a22b4aaa2d Bug 60810: Check for duplicate relation-names for notes similar to the fix for slides themselves in bug 55791 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler eef36a1580 Fix typo to "length", closes #51 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler e78eb68b10 60823: DGET function, correct behavior with multiple result entries but only one non-blank 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler bfeeba5eb8 Fix broken imports 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 69923f8c5a Adjust integration-test files slightly, more failure-output, make it a bit easier to test single-files, add a HeapDump class for investigating memory leaks, adjust XSSFFileHandler to free memory more quickly 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 531226ac84 Add docm-file which is actually a binary doc to check handling of wrong-format-exceptions 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 12a26bd6ca Fix ROOT_DIR 5 years ago
  Tim Allison b52126f7f3 60826 -- clean up. Many, many thanks to Javen O'Neal's code review! 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 60b4624cf7 60826 -- update stress tests to handle xlsb 5 years ago
  Tim Allison 730f394261 60826 -- add initial support for streaming reading of xlsb files. 5 years ago
  Greg Woolsey 6fc050a162 add missing license header 5 years ago
  Greg Woolsey 123c0e1e6c Fixed #60858, which showed a regression of the fix for #56420 introduced by my refactoring to fix #56822. 5 years ago
  Greg Woolsey 6349d2c614 Fixed #60858, which showed a regression of the fix for #56420 introduced by my refactoring to fix #56822. 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler e13f7dc8af Fix some Sonar issues in sample "HSSFReadWrite" 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 699ddabcdf Gradle Build: Try with setting baseDir for Sonar-runs, but likely still does not work 5 years ago
  Dominik Stadler 7ae44605b5 Jenkins DSL: Fix setting property for Sonar-Host-URL 5 years ago