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Automated Install

Designed For Raspberry Pi B, B+, 2, and Zero (with an Ethernet adapter)
  1. Install Raspbian
  2. Run the command below

curl -L install.pi-hole.net | bash

Once installed, configure your router to have DHCP clients use the Pi as their DNS server and then any device that connects to your network will have ads blocked without any further configuration. Alternatively, you can manually set each device to use the Raspberry Pi as its DNS server.

Pi-hole Is Free, But Powered By Your Donations


How Does It Work?

Watch the 60-second video below to get a quick overview

Pi-hole exlplained

Pi-hole Projects


Partnering With Optimal.com

Pi-hole will be teaming up with Rob Leathern's subscription service to avoid ads. This service is unique and will help content-creators and publishers still make money from visitors who are using an ad ablocker.

Technical Details

The Pi-hole is an advertising-aware DNS/Web server. If an ad domain is queried, a small Web page or GIF is delivered in place of the advertisement. You can also replace ads with any image you want since it is just a simple Webpage taking place of the ads.

A more detailed explanation of the installation can be found here.


The gravity.sh does most of the magic. The script pulls in ad domains from many sources and compiles them into a single list of over 1.6 million entries (if you decide to use the mahakala list).

Whitelist and blacklist

You can add a whitelist.txt or blacklist.txt in /etc/pihole/ and the script will apply those files automatically. Put one domain per line.

Web Interface

The Web interface will be installed automatically so you can view stats and change settings. You can find it at:



A basic read-only API can be accessed at /admin/api.php. It returns the following JSON:

	"domains_being_blocked": "136708",
	"dns_queries_today": "18108",
	"ads_blocked_today": "14648",
	"ads_percentage_today": 80.892423238348


Real-time Statistics

You can view real-time stats via ssh or on an 2.8" LCD screen. This is accomplished via chronometer.sh.

Pi-hole LCD


Other Operating Systems

This script will work for other UNIX-like systems with some slight modifications. As long as you can install dnsmasq and a Webserver, it should work OK. The automated install only works for a clean install of Raspiban right now since that is how the project originated.