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Thanks to all of those who have helped translate pacman, both in the past and
currently. Our translations are currently maintained in Transifex; please read
doc/translation-help.txt for more details.
Below is a list of past translators before we switched to Transifex; more can
be found by looking in the GIT history.
If your language is not already in the various po/ subdirectories and you wish
it was, set up a team in Transifex for your language and we will be happy to
add your language to the mix.
Catalan (ca):
Manuel Tortosa <>
Czech (cs):
Vojtěch Gondžala <>
German (de):
Matthias Gorissen <>
Greek (el):
Christos Nouskas <>
British English (en_GB):
Jeff Bailes <>
Spanish (es):
Juan Pablo González Tognarelli <>
Fernando Lagos <>
French (fr):
Chantry Xavier <>
Hungarian (hu):
Nagy Gabor <>
Avramucz Péter <>
Italian (it):
Giovanni Scafora <>
Kazakh (kk):
Baurzhan Muftakhidinov <>
Norwegian (nb):
Hans-Kristian Arntzen <>
Polish (pl):
Mateusz Herych <>
Jaroslaw Swierczynski <>
Mateusz Jędrasik <>
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR):
Armando M. Baratti <>
Rodrigo Flores <>
Marcelo Cavalcante <>
Romanian (ro):
Volodia Macovei <>
Russian (ru):
Sergey Tereschenko <>
Vitaly Dolgov <>
Oleg Finkelshteyn <>
Vladimir Bayrakovskiy <>
Swedish (sv):
Christian Larsson <>
Turkish (tr):
Samed Beyribey <>
Alper KANAT <>
Ukrainian (uk):
Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич) <>
Ivan Kovnatsky (Іван Ковнацький) <>
Simplified Chinese (zh_CN):
甘露(Lu.Gan) <>