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Point alias accounts or domains to correct XMPP user


This module allows you to set up aliases that alert people who try to contact them or add them to their roster what your actual JID is. This is useful for changing JIDs, or just in the case where you own both and, and want people who contact to be alerted to contact you at instead.

This type of aliasing is well supported in the email world, but very hard to handle with XMPP, this module sidesteps all the hard problems by just sending the user a helpful message, requiring humans to decide what they actually want to do.

This doesn't require any special support on other clients or servers, just the ability to recieve messages.


Add the module to the modules_enabled list.

modules_enabled = {

Then set up your list of aliases, aliases can be full or bare JIDs, or hosts:

aliases = {
    [""] = "";
    [""] = "";
    [""] = "";

You can also set up a custom response, by default it is:

alias_response = "User $alias can be contacted at $target";

A script named is included in this directory to generate the aliases array directly from a postfixadmin MySQL database. Instructions for use are included in the script.


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