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This documents talks about installing mailiverse from an origin to a target.

------- Requirements on the origin build machine ---------

To install from and build mailiverse from the origin, the origin must:

  1. Have ssh keys: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

  2. Have git installed: sudo apt-get install git --yes

  3. Have unzip installed: sudo apt-get install unzip --yes

  4. Clone the mailiverse: git clone https://github.com/timprepscius/mailiverse.git

  5. Have oracle java installed: (cd mailiverse/install && sudo ./setup-java.remote)

  6. Have ant installed: sudo apt-get install ant --yes

  7. Add the line to the hosts file for the target machine:

So let's say your target machine was named: joesmail.com And it's IP was:

sudo nano /etc/hosts add the line: mail.joesmail.com

This could also be done on a DNS server, if you control one..

After these steps have been taken you are ready to set up.

--------- Setting up -------------

  1. ./setup-1-dependencies

This will build enough stuff to generate keys for things. It will will generate default keys, default passwords, etc. You will at some point need to type in "password" a bunch of times, to export a particular key so it can be used with nginx.

  1. ./setup-2-install

This will install the mailiverse system onto the target. This means it will create user directories, install software, etc.

  1. ./setup-3-compile

This will compile all the sources, jar them up, war them up, etc.

  1. ./setup-4-deploy

This will deploy mailiverse onto the target machine.

Congratulations, if you have finished these, you should be able to put:


And it should work.