An FTP server that Keeps It Simple, Stupid
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An FTP server that Keeps It Simple, Stupid.

It simply serves the specified directory over FTP, allowing reads and writes, and that's it!

If you are after a more complicated FTP server with all the bells and whistles, unFTP looks good.

usage: kiss-ftpd [options...] [ftp_directory] [bind_address]
 -h, --help                      print this usage text
 -V, -v, --version               Show version number then quit

 If ftp_directory not specified, defaults to current working directory
 If bind_address not specified, defaults to

There is an example systemd unit in systemd/kiss-ftpd.service which runs it with minimal permissions and as locked down as possible.

Many thanks to libunftp which did all the heavy FTP lifting.