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cortexcorepl 187c04f7e2 Add missing NULL check in cmd_lastlog
Closes #961
9 years ago
TheTechman 5af678d2b9 Default Techman's World IRC to SASL
Closes #963
9 years ago
TingPing 1265eee9e5 Fix spell check on OSX 9 years ago
Riamse e5f7441bae Fix sorting problem when using tabs
Fixes #949
9 years ago
Riamse 6ef41f7d4f Fix logging incorrect timestamp with server-time
Fixes #972
9 years ago
TingPing fea144dd19 Add option to bounce dock icon on OSX 9 years ago
TingPing fea528c39d Don't ignore command key in keybindings on OSX 9 years ago
TingPing 9599c29c46 Use filesize format based on OS
Adds gui_filesize_iec option on Unix

Closes #966
9 years ago
TingPing fe71af15a7 Fix warning 9 years ago
Berke Viktor b049757302 Replace deprecated GetVersionEx calls with version helpers
Only compiles with 8.1 SDK but runs everywhere

Closes #957
9 years ago
Arnavion 5fee31b1f0 Use the right API to get the path to Roaming AppData and Downloads directories, and actually convert it to utf-8 instead of using it directly. 9 years ago
Arnavion e4413e0178 Don't convert the result of g_get_user_name / g_get_real_name from locale to utf-8 on Windows. They return utf-8 already. 9 years ago
Arnavion dc27640265 Use utf-8 variant of strftime to format log file paths.
strftime assumes the format string is in locale encoding, which mangles log file paths that are in utf-8.

Fixes #767
Fixes #945
9 years ago
TingPing 41c209bf45 Reset all nick entry errors in servlist when fixed 9 years ago
Max Zerzouri 231590f71e sysinfo: Use less ambiguous IEC prefixes in storage measurements
Closes #922
9 years ago
Adam Dane [:hobophobe] 7e55e4ee73 python: Scan for non-NULLs in print events
Closes #916
Closes #915
9 years ago
TingPing 8bdde3a2df Fix warnings like usual 9 years ago
TingPing c8b3eef351 Improve displaying errors in servlist 9 years ago
TingPing 5f297950a2 Fix issues removing autojoin channels
- Makes remove case insensitive
- Fixes crashing when channel not found
9 years ago
RichardHitt ccf49aa48d Fix #928. Fix memory leak, mea culpa. 9 years ago
RichardHitt b66edd372e Fixes #928 again. In scrollback replay, skip every line that starts 0x0d. 9 years ago
TingPing 2a2eafcf1d win32: Update gtk theme description in installer 9 years ago
TingPing 8a0f2b1d21 Use glib to format filesize in dccgui 9 years ago
TingPing 660b860ddd Fix whitespace... 9 years ago
TingPing f27b2e82fa Add Xertion to network list
Closes #939
9 years ago
TingPing f994ef3f92 win32: Fix python 3.4 check in installer 9 years ago
TingPing b41bd594b0 Add account to Join event
Also reorganizes some logic. The account will usually be NULL unless
extended-join capability enabled.

Closes #934
9 years ago
RichardHitt 0f828dd74f Add marker-line functionality for scrollback, instant seek.
Fixes #662.
9 years ago
Richard Hitt 5e8bc980e1 Merge pull request #929 from hexchat/928
Fix scrollback_load to deal with e.g. the output of /HELP
9 years ago
RichardHitt 4ca9672a92 Fix scrollback_load to deal with e.g. the output of /HELP
Fixes #928.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 1a3bfdce75 Improve handling scrollback when gui_tab_server==FALSE
Fixes #925.
9 years ago
RichardHitt 46e449f110 Correctly scroll down autojoined channels
Fixes #58
9 years ago
RichardHitt 0487daf865 Fix three miscellaneous bugs in gtk_xtext_get_word()
* Use utf8 functions for moving within string
	* Fix memory leak
	* Fix non-indent select problem
9 years ago
Arnavion 99ee7b6ef8 win32: Quote paths when invoking glib-compile-resources.exe
Also escape the trailing backslash in DataDir since otherwise it escapes the double-quote after it.
9 years ago
Arnavion 4cc764256c win32: Powershell.exe absolutely needs "-File" when running scripts or else it parses arguments with spaces as separate parameters. 9 years ago
TingPing 36950c0d46 win32: Bump python to 3.4.0 9 years ago
TingPing caddb25711 Disable compression on tree_channel.png
This causes some artifacts in the icon, none of the others seem to have
the problem
9 years ago
TingPing d374f3ffe6 Disable hiding characters in the input 9 years ago
TingPing 664da30ee4 Partial revert of 5f732128
Still some scrolling issues remain, much work is to be
done to properly fix it.
9 years ago
Eustachy Kapusta e36855a21e Fix miscapitalization 9 years ago
Ken Spencer fd0eeddcc9 Add ElectroCode
Closes #910
9 years ago
a Code Lizard b52650de5d Added Anthrochat and Furnet to server list
Closes #900
9 years ago
Arnavion 71e54854ec win32: Updated Python dependencies to 2.7.6 and 3.3.4 9 years ago
TingPing e6e5659b11 Minor redesign to text events window
This makes it more consistent with the other settings windows

- Use editable cell for entry
- Use pane to resize both treeviews
- Make preview fixed size and on bottom
- Enable search for event name
9 years ago
TingPing dd128ce534 Remove migration code for xchat 1 colors 9 years ago
TingPing 8f6a596057 Properly handle shift tab in keyboard shortcuts 9 years ago
TingPing 85aff53a88 Use more user friendly label for keys in keyboard shortcuts 9 years ago
TingPing bed5a21700 Add safemode action to desktop file 9 years ago
TingPing 12cd5cb64a Translate desktop files 9 years ago
TingPing 0d4cde2ba8 Tweak readme formatting 9 years ago