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TingPing 5849a0588e Use glib to parse and launch commands for util_exec
Fixes #958
9 years ago
TingPing b8c02f71d9 win32: Use config.h instead of config-win32.h 9 years ago
TingPing 806b98dfc2 Update server list
Removed any server that could not be connected to atm

Closes #666
9 years ago
TingPing 518669de80 Remove random ifndef WIN32
I never found a reason for it existing, but it also never affected much anyway.
9 years ago
TingPing 8538dd1a49 win32: Don't auto-generate version.txt 9 years ago
TingPing a918ec2236 Fix scrolling the chanview on Unix
Fixes #948
9 years ago
TingPing af7e6d3e20 fishlim: Fix filename in error messages 9 years ago
Samuel Lidén Borell 7c52e29e6e Handle a special character before "+OK", e.g. identify-msg + or - 9 years ago
Samuel Lidén Borell d59acc2789 Use path to HexChat instead of XChat in the test program
Note that this affects the test program only. It doesn't affect users
of FiSHLiM. The reason for this change is that XChat doesn't seem to be
maintained any longer.
9 years ago
Samuel Lidén Borell 33b01b720c Add missing include in the test program 9 years ago
Samuel Lidén Borell d190773d09 Fix memory leak in the test program 9 years ago
Samuel Lidén Borell d8c80cd277 Fix undefined behaviour in left shift
This is not a problem with a usual compiler configuration, but LLVM/clang
detects it when compiled with:

-fsanitize=undefined-trap -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error -ftrapv
9 years ago
tomek 3fb04bee85 Update translations 9 years ago
TingPing 8578a9d52d Always use GModule for plugin support
Also cleans up some dead code
9 years ago
TingPing 0b492d32b3 Add missing files to 9 years ago
TingPing 9b9ca27987 Bump version to 2.10.0 9 years ago
TingPing 6187b35fa6 Remove dead network 9 years ago
TingPing 6cf54d6515 Remove some hardcoded version numbers
- man page
9 years ago
TingPing 9344373e0b Sensitize open dialog button in friends list when selected
Fixes #1001
9 years ago
Lee Watson 3d1d9e1716 Add SeionIRC to serverlist
Closes #982
9 years ago
Yoeri Beumer e18a086ccf Add StormBit to network list
Closes #873
9 years ago
bviktor 0838f8f688 Cosmetics 9 years ago
TingPing b3bcf71981 osx: Fix loading system's openssl config 9 years ago
TingPing 6d03ddc4f4 osx: More theme tweaks 9 years ago
RichardHitt 5706550cc1 Rework gtk_xtext_selection_draw(), simplify calls to _selection_render()
Fixes #992.
9 years ago
TingPing af7463e2bc osx: Use key theme shipped with gtk 9 years ago
TingPing e13e0f4314 win32: Fix exiting fullscreen to a maximized window 9 years ago
Berke Viktor 31843017d4 Make lawyers happy 9 years ago
Berke Viktor 0e0efbdb9a Replace Inno Perl with MSI Perl 9 years ago
TingPing a93e152912 ... and update perl description in installer 9 years ago
TingPing fdd922433b win32: Update perl urls in installer 9 years ago
tomek 8c00a4ff40 perl: Update Perl to 5.20 9 years ago
TingPing 5f5c44620b Update translations 9 years ago
TingPing 637c153de3 Use newer format for default keybindings
This uses the proper bindings on OS X
9 years ago
TingPing a800765b70 osx: Use applespell enchant backend
And fix enchant loading backends in the bundle
9 years ago
TingPing f92e72a92c osx: improvements 9 years ago
TingPing 0f6434986f osx: Properly handle quitting 9 years ago
TingPing f43b7524e0 osx: Properly use app menu
Mentioned in #994
9 years ago
TingPing cd1b9f42be osx: Use osx friendly bindings for GtkEntry
Fixes #995
9 years ago
TingPing 4320d88b90 Fix crash with invalid dnd to userlist 9 years ago
TingPing cba4462458 osx: Improve gtk theme 9 years ago
TingPing 30de7a1377 Update default settings
- Enable server-time
- Disable tree dots
9 years ago
TingPing 011514e1ad Enable drag and drop on Windows
The issues around it no longer seem to exist in current GTK
9 years ago
RichardHitt 6fb8cf40e1 Fixes #959. In xtext.c:find_x() return offset to hidden text if appropriate. 9 years ago
TingPing 015cecf724 Fix drag and drop 9 years ago
TingPing 904493b24f Show notifications for private actions
Fixes #990
9 years ago
TingPing 95f9ca917e Default completion to last spoke 9 years ago
Berke Viktor 0dccf692d4 Add global option to suppress nick change events
Might as well add a per-channel option, too but for me that seems a bit unnecessary.
Closes #971
9 years ago
Derp Derpingston 7435572282 Properly support notices to prefix'd users on a channel
Instead of hardcoding this behavior for @, +, and %, fetch the list of
mode prefixes from the server's state and look for one of those instead.

Closes #977
9 years ago
Derp Derpingston 17671ec694 Fixed truncation of the reason when receiving a KILL message.
The KILL handler thought the message started one word later than it did, and
would cut off the first word.  This change starts the reason in the correct
place, and shaves off a leading : if one is present.

Closes #977
Closes #774
9 years ago