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** DavMail 3.6.6 released **
This release is mainly focused on IMAP enhancements, including IDLE (RFC2177)
aka "Push Mail" support and other protocol compliance fixes, particularly on
partial fetch. NTLMv2 is also supported thanks to the JCIFS library.
- Doc: update doc and roadmap
- Doc: adjust settings message
- Doc: improve server/client certificates description
- Doc: new FAQ entry on message deleted over IMAP still visible through OWA
- Doc: fix maven site generation
- IMAP: send BAD instead of BYE on exception
- IMAP: fix 2992976, implement complex index and uid range in SEARCH
- IMAP: Handle exception during IDLE
- IMAP: add a new setting to enable/disable IDLE
- IMAP: use getRawInputStream instead of writeTo to avoid MIME message changes, cache message body in SharedByteArrayInputStream
- IMAP: poll folder every 30 seconds in IDLE mode, clear cached message
- IMAP: implement IDLE extension (RFC2177)
- IMAP: fix 2971184, do not decode content in partial fetch (replace getDataHandler with PartOutputStream)
- Exclude redline lib from distribution packages
- Use https in default Exchange url
- Make sure log messages are not localized
- Remove unused messageId field
- Do not shutdown connection manager on restart
- Allow Exchange server to use gzip compression
- Sample SocketAppender configuration
- Improve NTLM mode detection
- JCIFS based NTLMv2 implementation
- Hardcode /owa/ path in getAliasFromOptions and getEmailFromOptions for Exchange 2007, improve failure message
- Improve xmlEncode, use compiled static patterns
- Caldav: fix 2992811, missing timezones
- Caldav: fix 2991030 tasks disappeared
- Caldav: add VTODO to supported-calendar-component-set response
- Caldav: fix regression in getAllDayLine()
- Caldav: make shared calendar test case insensitive
- Caldav: 0 or no value in caldavPastDelay means no limit
** DavMail 3.6.5 released **
This release includes a major refactoring of the IMAP FETCH implementation
to improve performance and provide RFC compliant partial fetch. The Carddav
support sponsored by french DGA through project TrustedBird is now included
in the roadmap. Private events filter on shared calendar is also available
and DavMail can now retrieve proxy settings directly from system configuration.
- SMTP: implement AUTH LOGIN username (with optional initial-response, see RFC2554)
- IMAP: Keep a single message in MessageList cache to handle chunked fetch, reenable maxSize in ImapConnection.
- IMAP: implement subparts partial fetch
- IMAP: Fix message write, double dot only for POP, not IMAP
- IMAP: Do not advertise not yet supported custom flags
- IMAP: fix from audit
- IMAP: major FETCH implementation refactoring, make code simpler and more efficient
- IMAP: add BODY.PEEK[index] support
- IMAP: improve partial fetch support
- IMAP: fix 2962071, quote folder names in STATUS response
- IMAP: allow partial part fetch
- IMAP: fix regression on unknown parameter handling
- IMAP: implement part fetch (BODY[1])
- IMAP: detect unsupported parameter
- IMAP: fix 2973213, escape quotes in subject
- IMAP: fixes to improve JavaMail support
- Doc: move CardDav reference before architecture schema
- Doc: update project description in Maven pom and ant package
- Doc: update project description and RoadMap, announce CardDav support sponsored by french DGA through project Trustedbird
- Doc: update roadmap
- Add a new setting to disable startup notification window (contribution from jsquyres)
- Improve getAliasFromOptions to retrieve alias with custom dn
- Workaround for NTLM authentication only on /public
- Add a new setting to retrieve proxies from system configuration
- Fix empty setting behavior: return null instead of empty string
- Sort properties file
- Fix new RPM ant task definition
- Improve public folder url check
- Experimental rpm package build
- Carddav: refactor folder handling code to prepart CardDav support
- Caldav: fix broken inbox, missing instancetype in search request and add is null in search query
- Caldav: do not try to access inbox on shared calendar (to avoid 440 login timeout errors and session reset)
- Caldav: exclude private events on shared or public calendar PROPFIND
- Caldav: fix regression on invalid events handling, just warn on broken events
- Caldav: drop timezone when converting allday events to client
** DavMail 3.6.4 released **
Well, yet another bugfix release, with improved IMAP support,
SMTP enhancements to support Eudora, NTLM proxy authentication
support and other bug fixes
- SMTP: fix 2953552, allow RSET in AUTHENTICATED state
- SMTP: bug id 2953554, implement NOOP
- LDAP: Enable tray icon on LDAP connection
Bug fixes:
- Fix regression in 3.6.3: basic authentication broken in checkConfig
- GUI: Fix client certificate setting switch
- Change debian package dependence to accept openjdk-6-jre and libswt-gtk-3.5-java
- Fix from audit
- Improve log message on HTTP header error
- Implement NTLM HTTP proxy support
- Improve logging of expired sessions
- Support multiple forms in form based authentication logon page
- Catch error on SWT exit
- Enable NTLM on Proxy-Authenticate return code with only NTLM available
- Doc: Document davmailservice.exe usage
- Doc: Document Force ActiveSync setting in Getting Started
- Doc: Add an FAQ entry on DavMail settings location
- Doc: Update release notes and guide
- IMAP: new patch from Gellule to fix disappearing messages issue
- IMAP: rethrow SocketException after error in handleFetch
- Caldav: new fix for invalid events
- Caldav: add a hidden davmail.caldavDisableInbox to allow users to disable Caldav Inbox with Thunderbird 3 and Lightning
- Caldav: improve broken events logging
- Caldav: Follow redirects on GET with permanentUrl
** DavMail 3.6.3 released **
Another bugfix release, mostly documentation updates, some regressions
in 3.6.2 in error handling fixed, a new IMAP workaround to completely
hide the uid change issue, emacs IMAP support and new UI settings for
previously hidden parameters.
Bug fix:
- Fix logging settings handling in webapp mode
- Improve error handling: detect SocketException to avoid client socket closed errors
- Implement file based (PKCS12 and JKS) client certificates in addition to smartcard support
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: remove replace token and search page
- Doc: added Gellule as Java Contributor
- Doc: add a security section in the FAQ
- Doc: update FAQ with Exchange prerequisites details
- Document client keystore file settings
- IMAP: brand new IMAP uid workaround and refresh folder on Expunge from Gellule
- IMAP: implement LIST "" "*%" for emacs
- IMAP: another fix for the message uid bump issue
- IMAP: fix 2934922, implement (NOT DELETED) in search filter
- IMAP: extend thunderbird changed uid workaround to all contexts
- Add new setting davmail.defaultDomain to set default windows domain
- Prepare new advanced options
- Caldav: add davmail.forceActiveSyncUpdate option to the settings frame
- Caldav: add davmail.caldavAlarmSound option to the settings frame (used to force conversion of Caldav alarms to AUDIO supported by iCal)
- Caldav: fix 2884864, send notifications to all participants on CANCEL
- Caldav: Fix invalid event handling, exclude events from returned list
- SMTP: implement RSET (reset) command to avoid connection timeout with Evolution
** DavMail 3.6.2 released **
New bugfix release, with improved OSX tray icon, Kontact
support, a new workaround for thunderbird IMAP no message error,
public folders on a separate server support, improved ActiveSync
support and some documentation enhancements.
- LDAP: fix bug 2919463, escape quotes in search filter
- LDAP: fix Kontact ldap filter parsing, allow LDAP_FILTER_PRESENT in subfilter
- Doc: fix script replace
- Doc: new download and build pages
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: update doc
- Doc: add search icon
- Doc: Update roadmap
- Doc: Add roadmap to site menu
- IMAP: workaround for thunderbird random issue with no message found, keep previous message list to cope with recent message uid change.
- IMAP: try to support public folders hosted on a separate server (302 redirect on PROPFIND)
- IMAP: fix date parsing error, see bug 2878289
- IMAP: fix 2878289, implement extended MIME header search in{00020386-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/ namespace
- IMAP: improve error logging on 500 internal server error
- IMAP: Improve error handling, do not fail on message retrieval error, just send error message
- IMAP: implement EXPUNGE untagged response on NOOP to avoid NO message not found on Exchange message message uid change
- IMAP: implement RFC822.HEADER for Sylpheed
- Caldav: do not send fake inbox for public calendars to iCal
- Caldav: id 2900599, implement optional attendees in notifications
- Caldav: fix bug 2896135, iCal login fails at iCal startup
- Caldav: Send root instead of calendar href as inbox to fix iCal regression
- Caldav: Exclude events with a null instancetype and no ICS content
- Caldav: Workaround for Lightning 1.0pre public calendar, send calendar href as inbox/outbox urls
- Caldav: Convert DISPLAY to AUDIO only if user defined an alarm sound in settings (davmail.caldavAlarmSound)
- Caldav: fix NullPointerException in notifications
- Caldav: Fix bug 2907350, multiple calendar support issue with iCal
- Caldav: another timezone fix
- Caldav: Improve error handling on invalid events
- Caldav: another timezone fix
- Caldav: do not return invalid message content
- Caldav: move failover for Exchange 2007 plus encoding issue to Exchange session
- Caldav: a brand new ActiveSync fix, set contentclass to make ActiveSync happy, but also set PR_INTERNET_CONTENT to preserve custom properties. Also get etag from updated event.
- Caldav: major refactoring, move all ICS methods to Event inner class
- Caldav: fix bug 2902358, encode messageUrl in PropPatch with forceActiveSyncUpdate=true
- Caldav: improve MIME message headers in createOrUpdateEvent
- Fix last open session failover: do not append @hostname when alias contains @
- Revert to message url as default, use permanentUrl as failover
- Always use NTCredentials for proxy authorization
- Another NTLM fix: activate NTLM only on 401 unauthorized in executeGetMethod
- Fix from audit (spelling errors)
- Add search page and change default package name for default svn builds
- Improve message logging
- Fixes from audit
- Additional Jsmooth settings
- Force flags parameter to 4 in Form Based Authentication
- Jsmooth patch to allow -X jvm options
- OSX: replace inverted active icon
- OSX: new Mac OS X only icons
** DavMail 3.6.1 released **
This is a bugfix release with fixed regressions from 3.6.0
and a few enhancements from user feedback.
- Doc: switch download links to generic link
- Doc: Update roadmap
- Doc: add roadmap
- Fix regression in Form Based Authentication: detect Exchange 2007 UserContext cookie
- Host is mandatory for NTLMScheme, get current hostname for proxy authentication
- Experimental: reactivate NTLM authentication but leave authentication preemptive mode to allow basic authentication.
- Move PKCS11 registration to a separate class to avoid ClassNotFoundException
- Experimental OTP (token) based authentication
- Vista png icons support for JSmooth
- Fix from audit
- New upload-dist ant task to upload new release files
- Caldav: failover for Exchange 2007 plus encoding issue, search event by displayname to get permanent Url
- Caldav: Additional timezones
- Caldav: Revert commit 765, VTODO events have a null instancetype
- Caldav: additional timezone
- Caldav: Remove MAILTO: in addition to mailto: in getFreeBusy
- Caldav: Bug 2898469 do not UrlEncode draft url twice to avoid 404 not found on send event message
** DavMail 3.6.0 released **
This release contains a lot of enhancements, both bug fixes
and new features from user feedback on 3.5.0, including improved
Evolution LDAP support, LDAP abandon support (faster searches with
Evolution and OSX), experimental windows service wrapper, improved
form based authentication support and ENVELOPE IMAP command support.
I wish to thank Dan Foody for his valuable contributions on
OSX Snow Leopard support (attendee completion in iCal and complex
LDAP filters handling).
Also added an architecture schema on DavMail home page to quickly
describe DavMail features.
- LDAP: implement cn=* filter for Evolution
- LDAP: run searches in separate threads to implement ABANDON, will make searches faster with some clients (Evolution and OSX address book)
- LDAP: implement startsWith on Contact search, only objectclass=* is a full search
- LDAP: fix for iCal4 attendee completion, send localhost if current socket is local, else send fully qualified domain name
- LDAP: major refactoring from Dan Foody to improve complex filters handling
- LDAP: improve contact search, reencode uids to hex to avoid case sensitivity issues
- Doc: Set Dan Foody as main java contributor
- Doc: improve DavMail logo
- Doc: add new Logo, improve internet explorer compatibility
- Doc: Add an architecture schema on site welcome page
- Doc: Improve getting started documentation, explain Exchange 2003 and 2007 paths (/exchange/ and /owa/)
- Doc: fix site style
- Doc: fix maven site title
- SMTP: fix by Marc Macenko, case sensitive RCPT TO:
- SMTP: allow lower case commands
- SMTP: experimental: remove Content-Type on create message to avoid 406 not acceptable with some Exchange servers.
- Fix 2887947: Exchange server with a username hidden field
- Check for released version in a separate thread and set timeout to ten seconds
- Refactor message url encoding
- Upgrade Jmooth wrappers, add -Xrs jvm option to davmailservice wrapper to avoid service stop on user session logout (
- Fix regression from revision 811
- Refactor ExchangeSession, use StringUtil to simplify code
- Remove username duplicate check, as formLogin now resets values before POST
- Start refactoring: StringUtil class
- Fix classpath in jsmooth wrappers to use new javamail
- Allow custom form with userid/pw fields in form based authentication
- Improve form based authentication, look for Exchange session cookies sessionid and cadata
- Fix test
- Upgrade JavaMail to 1.4.1
- New create folder method
- Fix FBA authentication, reset query string in getAbsoluteURI()
- New abstract JUnit test case class
- Detect redirect form instead of logon form, follow redirect to logon form
- Add an upload-site ant task
- Fixes from audit
- Fix settings default values and update doc
- Drop icon activity switches under 250ms to avoid fast flickering on OSX, add new switch icon in IMAP fetch iterations
- Improve script based form redirect to handle more cases
- Refactor ExchangeSession to allow independent session creation.
- Allow directory in logFilePath settings, add /davmail.log suffix in this case
- Allow follow redirects on /public GET requests
- Caldav: use permanenturl for Caldav to avoid encoding issues
- Caldav: do not close connection on 401 authorization required, may help iCal authentication
- Caldav: Additional Allday fix for Exchange 2007 and Outlook, implement a failover with a new davmail.timezoneId setting.
- Caldav: fix regression on create event, missing CRLF in mime message
- Caldav: Fix regression on public calendar folders linked to multiple calendar support for iCal
- Caldav: use chunked response to send calendar folder content as ICS to avoid timeout
- Caldav: Experimental GET ics on folder and fix regression on public folder access
- Caldav: get current VTIMEZONE body from OWA to create Allday events compatible with Outlook. Users still need to select the same Timezone in Outlook and OWA.
- Caldav: Fix Timezone value
- Caldav: Create a new setting davmail.forceActiveSyncUpdate to let users choose to force ActiveSync event. Note: custom iCal or Lightning ICS properties are lost if this option is enabled.
- Caldav: Some Exchange servers redirect to a different host for freebusy, use wide auth scope
- Caldav: Another fix from Dan Foody: improve dumpICS debug option
- Caldav: need to check session on each request, credentials may have changed or session expired
- Caldav: fix regression after ActiveSync patch, PROPPATCH on contentClass removes all custom ICS properties
- Caldav: improve getICSValue, do not return values inside VALARM section
- Caldav: do not send events with a null instancetype (may be the cause of iCal failure)
- CalDav: Send sub folders for multi-calendar support under iCal
- Caldav: fix path translation to Exchange for calendars in sub folders under /calendar
- Caldav: Added supported-calendar-component-set to calendar response
- Caldav: added a debug trace when requested calendar is not user calendar (maybe shared, but often url mistake in Caldav client)
- Caldav: fix Bug 2686125, PROPPATCH event after PUT to trigger activeSync PUSH, tested with iPhone 3 using activeSync
- IMAP: use permanenturl instead of href to avoid url encoding issues
- IMAP: Revert convert absolute IMAP path to relative path, breaks Caldav
- IMAP: Convert absolute IMAP path to relative path and detect ISA server cookie starting with cadata (instead of equals cadata)
- IMAP: use upper case NIL in ENVELOPE
- IMAP: improve MimeMessage handling, drop after fetch to avoid keeping full message in memory
- IMAP: fix new ENVELOPE feature, must return encoded values
- IMAP: implement store by id and ENVELOPE
- IMAP: update message flag only if changed to avoid unneeded message uid bump, may fix Evolution and Apple Mail constant reload issue
- IMAP: implement search by id
- IMAP: send default BODYSTRUCTURE on MIME encoding error
- IMAP: improve complex content-type handling in BODYSTRUCTURE
- IMAP: fix deleted flag handling, switch to official Exchange IMAP property{00062008-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/0x8570
- IMAP: detect HttpNotFoundException on folder select
- IMAP: improve public folder error handling
- IMAP: fix space at end of folder name
- IMAP: Fix regression on LIST INBOX
- IMAP: experimental public folder access
- IMAP: switch to to handle deleted flag (DAV:isdeleted did not work with some Exchange servers).
- IMAP: implement undelete message
** DavMail 3.5.0 released **
This release improves OSX Snow Leopard support, thank to
contributions from Dan Foody. Contact searches are also
available now in addition to global address book searches
over LDAP. IMAP with iPhone should now work correctly with
most messages, Evolution IMAP read flag is fixed.
Also added an experimental windows service support
and a lot of other bug fixes and enhancements.
- Doc: Fix FAQ whitespaces
- Doc: improve javadoc and code cleanup
- Doc: New OSX settings screenshot
- Doc: update release guide
- Doc: improve index and build doc
- Doc: detailed WIRE debug log file creation
- Windows: Include DavMail service in windows package
- Windows: create windows service exe
- Windows: create windows service exe
- IMAP: test session expiration on each command, get a new session on expiration
- IMAP: improve error logging on network down
- IMAP: fix bug 2845530 implement FLAGS.SILENT command
- IMAP: fix absolute (public) path handling
- IMAP: fix BODYSTRUCTURE, build message on full buffer, do not rely on partial buffer (header, body, ...)
- IMAP: fix bug 2835529 FETCH with unordered range
- IMAP: send default BODYSTRUCTURE on mime parsing failure
- IMAP: Improve IMAP bodystructure error logging
- IMAP: Send bodystructure with headers for iPhone request (BODYSTRUCTURE BODY.PEEK[HEADER])
- IMAP: send BODY[TEXT] for BODY.PEEK[TEXT] request, may improve iPhone support
- IMAP: First fix for bug 2840255, do not follow redirects on message FETCH
- Caldav: check credentials on each request
- Caldav: Disable broken sub calendar folders code
- Caldav: Do not fail on Inbox access denied, just return an empty folder
- Caldav: fix multi calendar Exchange path for sub folders
- Caldav: Experimental, fix sub calendar folders path
- Caldav: Experimental, send sub calendar folders on propfind with depth 1
- Caldav: Handle multi line description in calendar message body
- Caldav: merged contribution from Dan Foody,
- Caldav: convert sound to display alarms and back
- Caldav: remove additional organizer attendee line
- Caldav: remove RSVP=TRUE if PARTSTAT is not NEEDS-ACTION
- Caldav: add dump ICS logging feature
- Caldav: add a text/plain body to calendar messages
- Caldav: create a subject for calendar messages
- Caldav: fixed some encoding issues in Dan's code
- Caldav: Additional timezones
- Caldav: failover to DAV:comment instead of CALDAV:schedule-state on some Exchange servers
- LDAP: iCal fix to suit both iCal 3 and 4: move cn to sn, remove cn
- LDAP: iCal: do not send LDAP_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED on apple-computer search by cn with sizelimit 1
- LDAP: copy uid to apple-generateduid for iCal attendee search
- LDAP: Make sure we do not send empty description field, replace " \n" with null
- LDAP: fix thread name
- LDAP: exclude non contact entries from search, fiw map key and sn copy for iCal
- LDAP: fix contact search, do not send unrequested attributes
- LDAP: improve Contact search filter support
- LDAP: Additional Contact attributes
- LDAP: refactor contact find, generic attribute mapping
- LDAP: experimental contact search support
- OSX: Prepare hide from Dock option
- OSX: crazy workaround from Dan Foody to fix attendee search on OSX Snow Leopard
- OSX: iCal4 (OSX Snow Leopard fixes)
Bug Fixes:
- Fix regression in Form Based Logon: fix script based logon URI creation with path and query
- Another network down fix: DavMailException is not network down
- Improve Form Based Logon: fix script based logon URI creation
- Improve Form Based Logon: use full URI instead of path in PostMethod, also force trusted=4
- Simplify HttpClient creation to avoid password decoding bug in commons httpclient ('+' in password decoded as ' ')
- Improve HttpException error logging
- Fixes from checkStyle audit
- Adjust checkStyle settings
- Improve error handling on invalid URL
- Various fixes from FindBugs audit
- Fix from audit: synchronize access to HttpConnectionManager
- Refactor ExchangeSession: do not follow redirects with GET methods
- Fix from audit
- Do not pass DavMailAuthenticationException to handle network down
- Custom form (txtUserName, tstUserPass) support
- Another network down fix from Dan Foody
- Merged another patch from Dan Foody on network down detection
- New settings method: return log file directory
** DavMail 3.4.0 released **
This release includes iPhone 3 Caldav support, upgrade to SWT 3.5,
Palm Pre IMAP fixes, improved shared/public calendar support
and a lot of bug fixes.
- Doc: Code cleanup and improve javadoc
- Doc: Update doc
- Doc: Upgrade maven site plugin and improve style
- Doc: Update maven pom inceptionYear
- Bug: Do not try to set Nimbus Look And Feel on Linux with Gtk
- Remove NTLM authentication, breaks Basic authentication (missing domain in username)
- Set NTLM as last authentication scheme
- Experimental: reenable NTLM authentication
- Upgrade SWT to 3.5
- Use getFolderPath in getSubFolders
- Make API more consistent: createMessage must get a folder path, not URL
- Enhancement: Patch 2826966 from Eivind Tagseth, Make work from any location
- IMAP: Need to reset index for Palm pre
- IMAP: case insensitive search operators
- IMAP: Fix bug 2835529, implement SEARCH ALL SINCE for Palm Pre
- Caldav: improve error handling, 440 means 403 forbidden on Exchange
- Caldav: Fix shared calendar support for Lightning
- Caldav: additional patch for Outlook created recurring events
- Caldav: set X-MICROSOFT-CDO-BUSYSTATUS according to TRANSP field
- Caldav: implement a timezone translation table for iPhone 3, revert organizer patch (breaks notifications with Lightning)
- Caldav: another iPhone fix, remove organizer line if user is organizer
- Caldav: generic timezone patch for iPhone 3
- Caldav: remove empty ics properties
- Caldav: Remove calendar-proxy, only used for delegate calendars
- Caldav: try to improve responses for iCal
- Caldav: fix bug 2833044 Event not found error on dismissing reminders with events created in Outlook with a plus sign in subject
- Caldav: Experimental, add calendar-proxy DAV option and version in server header
- Caldav: Add missing allow OPTIONS header
- Caldav: improve public (shared) calendar support, accept calendars at any depth
- Caldav: set caldav logging to davmail logging level
- Caldav: updated fix, remove organizer line if event has no attendees for iPhone
- Caldav: remove organizer line if current user is organizer for iPhone, will not remove line for events with attendees
- Caldav: Improve principal -> actualPrincipal detection: use session alias instead of login
- Caldav: fix bug 2819028, case insensitive email in sendPrincipal test
- Caldav: iPhone compatibility, remove <C:comp name="VTODO"/>
- Caldav: iPhone workaround: send calendar subfolder
- Caldav: revert @ encoding, breaks iCal
- Caldav: iPhone fix, encode @ in Caldav response hrefs
- Caldav: untested, extended PROPFIND / response for iPhone 3.0
- Caldav: fix infinite loop with Sunbird 1.0pre with invalid credentials
- SMTP: fix bug 2791607, do not patch message body (breaks electronic signature), no longer needed with latest Thunderbird
** DavMail 3.3.0 released **
This is a bug fix release after two beta releases,
including PKCS11 (smartcard) client certificate support,
gateway encryption (SSL) support, the new jackrabbit and httpclient libraries
and I18N support (french and english available).
- Caldav: updated caldav response headers according to gmail, added Expires and Cache-control HTTP headers
- POP3: implement NOOP command
- Doc: Update documentation header
- Doc: Add GPLv2 header to all source files
- Doc: Remove Apache license from checkstyle config file header
- IMAP: Fix bug 2822625: support index range in IMAP SEARCH
- Enhancements: Merged network down (with firewall) code from Dan Foody
- Caldav: Additional properties and ignore cases for Sunbird
- Caldav: Fix empty organizer field in ICS (active sync support) and another getParticipants bug
- GUI: Fix OSX menu default ActionListener
- GUI: Try to set Nimbus Look And Feel on Linux with Gtk
** DavMail 3.3.0b2 released with smartcard (PKCS11) support **
This is a bug fix release, with nonetheless one main new feature:
PKCS11 (smartcard) client certificate support !
Tested with ActivIdentity ActivClient and Mozilla soft token, should
work with any PKCS11 module.
- (RFE 2800206) PKCS11 (smartcard) client certificate support
Server (daemon) mode:
- Fix server mode: now all listener threads are daemon, avoid main thread exit and add a shutdown hook
- Name shutdown thread
- Move wire debug log with headers
- Fix NoSuchMethodError with Java 5
- revert supported-calendar-component-set on root and improve logging
- fix regression on iCal calendar color change
- only include attendees with RSVP=TRUE or PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION for notifications (avoid iCal additional notifications)
- Improve error handling on FreeBusy failure
- add supported-calendar-component-set property requested by iPhone 3.0
Sunbird compatibility, exclude events with empty names
- Fix for iCal: send etag on GET and HEAD requests
- Send empty response instead of error on freebusy with unknown attendee
- revert refreshFolder calls that break Outlook
- Remove default trayIcon listener on OSX
- Fixed logFilePath logic on OSX
- Update ExchangeSession test
- Exclude optional log4j maven dependencies
- Added a logFilePath setting to set log4j file appender path, this appender is now added dynamically to avoid davmail.log file create failure
- Upgrade Log4J to 1.2.15
- Make sure we do exit: catch exceptions before System.exit
- Document build process in FAQ
Known issues :
- Does not - yet - work with iPhone 3.0 Caldav
- Still issues with Exchange activeSync mode
** Davmail 3.3.0b1 released **
This release is mainly a deep refactoring: replaced deprecated
jakarta slide library with jackrabbit and upgrade httpclient.
Also added client to gateway encryption (SSL) support, started I18N
(french and english available) and many bug fixes and enhancements.
- I18N: FrameGatewayTray
- I18N: Format port numbers and add missing message
- I18N: improve startup log message
- I18N: remove Locale.ROOT not available under Java 1.5
- I18N: externalize and translate exception messages
- I18N: Do not apply i18n on log file
- I18N: french localization
- I18N: externalize all DavGatewayTray log statements for i18n
- I18N: ldap package
- I18N: davmail package
- I18N: start internationalization conversion
- POP: Defer message list after login phase and load only uid and size attributes
- POP: make sure the url is encoded correctly on delete
- IMAP: Detect fetch of a missing (probably deleted) message to avoid infinite loop with Thunderbird
- IMAP: reset icon after each command
- SMTP: fixed two bugs, header ignored because of Exchange 2007 from patch and bccbuffer
double xml encoding (=> Delivery status notification)
- LDAP: improve ldap search logging
- Add Mitchell V. Oliver as Java Contributor
- SSL certificate settings documentation in getting started
- Update OSX doc: credentials are mandatory in Directory Utility settings
- Add Eivind Tagseth as Java Contributor
- Check java version in ant build.xml
- Fix ExchangeSession test
- Refactor DavProperty handling with new jackrabbit library
- Close idle connections to exchange after one minute
- Avoid 401 roundtrips
- Remove deprecated HttpException api
- Replace deprecated setRequestBody with setRequestEntity
- Refactor DavProperty handling with new jackrabbit library
- Update packaging and Maven POM after library update
- Major refactoring: replace deprecated jakarta slide with jackrabbit and upgrade httpclient
- Upgrade svnkit library
- Sort properties and display version in startup message
- Use interactive console certificate accept in headless and/or server mode
- Append svn build number to release name
- Additional login failover : get email from options page
- Replace greyscale inactive icon with a color icon
- Avoid nullpointerexception in Settings.setProperty
- Reinsert System.exit after clean shutdown to make sure we do exit
- Make all threads daemon and remove System.exit calls
- Patch 2790299 by Mitchell V. Oliver: Add support for SSL to client connections
- Remember previous checkConfig status to detect network down
- Fixes from audit
- Refactor email retrieval : do not throw IOException in failovers
- Implement BundleMessage.toString() for direct usage in Log4J logger
- Revert to simple class names in thread names
- Catch unknown host on session login
- Workaround for post logon script redirect
- Workaround for Exchange server misconfiguration: move galfind requests to mailPath or /exchange instead of /public
- Enhancements from audit
- Fix exchangeSession test class
- Improve BindException error message
- Cleanup from audit
- Improve exception handling
- Implement a last resort failover to build email from alias and domain name
- Limit redirects to 10 instead of 100
- Replace hardcoded strings
- Refactor SimpleDateFormat usage
- Reorganize packages
- OSX: replace JavaApplicationStub link with actual file
- OSX: Move davmail.log to Library/Logs/DavMail on OSX
- OSX: Improve Mac OSX Java6 support
- OSX: fix regression on OSX Quit handler
Bugs fixed:
- Fix bug 2797272: Add disable update check
- Do not localize port numbers
- Replaced localhost check with the isLoopbackAddress() method, should be IPV6 compatible
- Fix regression : /exchange/ does not work for galfind under Exchange 2007
- Fixed 2717547: Unsupported filter attribute: apple-group-memberguid
- URI encode alias in getEmail()
- Fix SSLProtocolSocketFactory with HttpClient 3.1
- Reenable limited timeout on getReleasedVersion
- Always exclude NTLM authentication, not only for proxy authorization
- Fix 2717446 from Eivind Tagseth
- Caldav: fix unknown recipient message
- Caldav: do not send freebusy info if attendee is unknown
- Caldav: Improve calendar-color patch answer
- Caldav: implement HEAD request
- Improve network down detection for Caldav
- Caldav: No need to check connectivity on HTTPS
- Caldav: Fix Bug 2783595, allow empty lines in ICS content
- Caldav: Exclude RSVP=FALSE from notifications recipients list for Outlook 2003 compatibility
- Caldav: exclude invalid attendees address from recipient list
- Caldav: avoid duplicate / in event path
- Caldav: implement public shared calendar
- Caldav: In progress multi calendar support
- Caldav: fix regression in FreeBusy date handling
- Caldav: switch icon during event report
- Caldav: refactor CaldavConnection, prepare /public context
- Caldav: another special characters handling improvement
- Caldav: iCal decodes hrefs, not lightning => detect client in CaldavRequest
- Caldav: replace etag by resourcetag in getCalendarEtag
- Caldav: Send events back to the client after each get on REPORT request (avoid iCal timeout)
- Caldav: no inbox/outbox for delegated calendars