3.6.6 release notes

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** DavMail 3.6.6 released **
This release is mainly focused on IMAP enhancements, including IDLE (RFC2177)
aka "Push Mail" support and other protocol compliance fixes, particularly on
partial fetch. NTLMv2 is also supported thanks to the JCIFS library.
- Doc: update doc and roadmap
- Doc: adjust settings message
- Doc: improve server/client certificates description
- Doc: new FAQ entry on message deleted over IMAP still visible through OWA
- Doc: fix maven site generation
- IMAP: send BAD instead of BYE on exception
- IMAP: fix 2992976, implement complex index and uid range in SEARCH
- IMAP: Handle exception during IDLE
- IMAP: add a new setting to enable/disable IDLE
- IMAP: use getRawInputStream instead of writeTo to avoid MIME message changes, cache message body in SharedByteArrayInputStream
- IMAP: poll folder every 30 seconds in IDLE mode, clear cached message
- IMAP: implement IDLE extension (RFC2177)
- IMAP: fix 2971184, do not decode content in partial fetch (replace getDataHandler with PartOutputStream)
- Exclude redline lib from distribution packages
- Use https in default Exchange url
- Make sure log messages are not localized
- Remove unused messageId field
- Do not shutdown connection manager on restart
- Allow Exchange server to use gzip compression
- Sample SocketAppender configuration
- Improve NTLM mode detection
- JCIFS based NTLMv2 implementation
- Hardcode /owa/ path in getAliasFromOptions and getEmailFromOptions for Exchange 2007, improve failure message
- Improve xmlEncode, use compiled static patterns
- Caldav: fix 2992811, missing timezones
- Caldav: fix 2991030 tasks disappeared
- Caldav: add VTODO to supported-calendar-component-set response
- Caldav: fix regression in getAllDayLine()
- Caldav: make shared calendar test case insensitive
- Caldav: 0 or no value in caldavPastDelay means no limit
** DavMail 3.6.5 released **
This release includes a major refactoring of the IMAP FETCH implementation
to improve performance and provide RFC compliant partial fetch. The Carddav