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<strong>EWS endpoint not available</strong>
<p>Unfortunately, this probably means your Exchange administrators blocked EWS access.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, this may mean your Exchange administrators blocked EWS access.</p>
<p>To check this, try to connect to
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you should get the EWS wsdl definition. If you don't, please contact the Exchange administrators
to let them fix the broken Exchange server setup.
<p>Another way to get EWS endpoint is to use Microsoft provided test page at:</p>
<p>Choose Outlook discover section, on test success expand details until you find
POST response with EwsUrl value (internal and external).</p>
<p>Once you have this url, set it as OWA address in DavMail and force EWS mode</p>
<p>Note: Microsoft Outlook 2011 on OSX and native OSX applications also rely on EWS to connect to
Exchange. Mobile devices (Android phones, iPhones, Windows mobile) use ActiveSync on a different