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2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00
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2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00
2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00
This file is only present in the CVS - never in release archives. It contains
information about other files and things that the CVS repository keeps in its
inner sanctum.
Compile and build instructions follow below.
2001-01-04 07:39:00 -05:00
2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00
CHANGES.0 contains ancient changes.
CHANGES.$year contains changes for the particular year.
2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00 is for analyzing the output generated by curl if -DMALLOCDEBUG
is used when compiling
buildconf builds the makefiles and configure stuff
2001-04-22 11:44:13 -04:00
Makefile.dist is included as the root Makefile in distribution archives
perl/ is a subdirectory with various perl scripts
To build after having extracted everything from CVS, do this:
You need the following software installed:
o autoconf 2.50 (or later)
o automake 1.5 (or later)
o libtool 1.4 (or later)
o GNU m4 (required by autoconf)
o nroff + perl (if you don't have nroff and perl and you for some reason
don't want to install them, you can rename the source file
src/hugehelp.c.cvs to src/hugehelp.c and avoid having to generate this
file. This will of course give you an older version of the file that isn't
up-to-date. That file was checked in once and won't be updated very
With Mac OS X 10.2 and the associated Developer Tools, the installed versions
of the build tools are adequate. For Mac OS X 10.1 users, Guido Neitzer
wrote the following step-by-step guide:
1. Install fink (
2. Update fink to the newest version (with the installed fink)
3. Install the latest version of autoconf, automake and m4 with fink
4. Install version 1.4.1 of libtool - you find it in the "unstable" section
(read the manual to see how to get unstable versions)
5. Get cURL from the cvs
6. Build cURL with "./buildconf", "./configure", "make", "sudo make install"