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@ -10,14 +10,10 @@ This file is only present in the CVS - never in release archives. It contains
information about other files and things that the CVS repository keeps in its
inner sanctum.
Use autoconf 2.50 and no earlier. Also, try having automake 1.5 and libtool
1.4.1 at least.
You will need perl to generate the src/hugehelp.c file. The file
src/hugehelp.c.cvs is a one-shot file that you can rename to src/hugehelp.c if
you really can't generate the true file yourself!
Compile and build instructions follow below.
CHANGES.0 contains ancient changes.
CHANGES.$year contains changes for the particular year. is for analyzing the output generated by curl if -DMALLOCDEBUG
is used when compiling
@ -26,12 +22,38 @@ you really can't generate the true file yourself!
Makefile.dist is included as the root Makefile in distribution archives
perl/contrib/ is a subdirectory with various perl scripts
java/ is a subdirectory with the Java interface to libcurl
perl/ is a subdirectory with various perl scripts
To build after having extracted everything from CVS, do this:
You need the following software installed:
o autoconf 2.50 (or later)
o automake 1.5 (or later)
o libtool 1.4 (or later)
o GNU m4 (required by autoconf)
o nroff + perl (if you don't have nroff and perl and you for some reason
don't want to install them, you can rename the source file
src/hugehelp.c.cvs to src/hugehelp.c and avoid having to generate this
file. This will of course give you an older version of the file that isn't
up-to-date. That file was checked in once and won't be updated very
For Mac OS X users, Guido Neitzer write down the following step-by-step guide:
1. Install fink (
2. Update fink to the newest version (with the installed fink)
3. Install the latest version of autoconf, automake and m4 with fink
4. Install version 1.4.1 of libtool - you find it in the "unstable" section
(read the manual to see how to get unstable versions)
5. Get cURL from the cvs
6. Build cURL with "./buildconf", "./configure", "make", "sudo make install"