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  Travis Burtrum 15dc9ae46b Handle new 12-byte IV format in openbrowser.sh 1 year ago
  Travis Burtrum 760d14d160 More rust tweaks 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 11339ab525 Tweak rust 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum b57378bbae Add rust implementation and test/benchmark script 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 7ce7d25ada Support new 12-byte IV format and legacy 16-byte IV format 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 7c8281d7e5 Use xdg-open instead of firefox as default browser 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 5f0ee16b28 Add encryption ability to aesgcm.c 2 years ago
  Travis Burtrum 168e77099c Remove maven and java 3 years ago
  Travis Burtrum ab577eccef Add new aesgcm.c and script, modify README 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch b78982dac4 include small browser wrapper script in the readme 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch 4cf0dbf9f3 add compile instructions 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch 285b237606 add wrapper script to open browser or image viewer 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch e81406b144 use java 7 instead of 8 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch a52c874bda Explain code and usage in readme 3 years ago
  Daniel Gultsch 5821895ae9 initial working commit 3 years ago