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GoldHEN Cheat Menu

Cheat Menu allows you bring up a Menu while in-game for you to select cheats.


  • .json support
  • .shn support
  • .mc4 support

⚠️ Warnings

The Cheat Menu is experimental, use with caution.
Please report cheat related issues to the cheat author(s).


While we make every effort to deliver high quality products, we do not guarantee that our products are free from defects. Our software is provided 'as is' and you use the software at your own risk.


  • Long press Share button in-game to bring up Cheat menu.
  • / to highlight cheat.
  • X to Toggle cheat On/Off.


  • Use FTP to upload cheat files to:
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/json/
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/shn/
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/mc4/
  • Naming convension: {titleid}_{version}.{format}
    • e.g. CUSA001234_01.01.json
    • e.g. CUSA001234_01.01.shn
    • e.g. CUSA001234_01.01.mc4
  • Note: Only one file format per titleid and version is currently supported.

To Do:

  • Add multiple cheats support.
  • Add more formats.