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Js-ctypes rewrite of the binary XPCOM version of Firetray.


  • for all applications:

    • show/hide a single or all windows
    • restore windows to their previous state, position, size
    • restore each window to its original virtual desktop/workspace
    • activate restored windows
    • hide to tray on close
    • hide to tray on minimize
    • start minimized to tray
    • show icon only when hidden to tray
    • mouse scroll on tray icon shows/hides
    • GTK-themable icons
    • StatusNotifierItem support (can be disabled by with_appindicator hidden pref)
    • customizable tray icons
    • popup menu (show/hide individual windows, open new windows, quit)
    • command-line -firetrayShowHide option (useful for window manager's keyboard shortcuts)
    • command-line -firetrayPresent option (activates windows)
    • middle click on the tray icon activates last registered window
  • for mail applications:

    • display unread message count in tray icon
    • display biff in tray icon for new messages
    • include/exclude mail accounts to/from messages count
    • include/exclude folders types to/from messages count
    • count in sub-folders recursively
    • handle Exquilla accounts
    • restrict message count to favorite folders
    • trigger external program on message count change
  • for applications embedding chat (currently only Thunderbird)

    • display additional system tray status icon


  • Under Linux:
    • GTK+ 2.20+ required.
    • libappindicator3 can be used for StatusNotifierItem (KDE, Unity).
  • Under Windows, few features are not yet implemented.
  • Firetray temporarily unsets:
    • the tabs.warnOnClose built-in preference, which otherwise disrupts the handeling of the close event
    • mail.biff.show_tray_icon for mail applications
  • Experimental non-customizable keyboard shortcut for hiding all windows set to: accel-shift-w



  • windows aren't restored with the same z-order, but there is no means to correct that under Linux

  • notifications for excluded mail account servers are not disabled. Newmailalerts are hard-coded and we can't easily disable them on a per-server basis (only globally, see mail.biff.show_alert). The proper way would probably be to disable default notifications globally, and handle notifications ourselves. This is out of the scope of this addon, but you may want to give a try to the MailAlert extension

  • child windows (compose message, preferences, ...) are not handled by Firetray. For ex., they are not hidden along with there top-level window.

  • because of getNumNewMessages()'s strange behaviour, it's impossible to display an accurate count of new messages. The best we can do is display a biff icon.

  • POP users should set [http://kb.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird_:FAQs:_Automatically_Download_Messages](Automatically download new messages) to see new message. See this discussion.

  • some features do not work well under Unity/Compiz.


  • Some code borrowed from Mike Conley.
  • Some code borrowed from Nils Maier.
  • kind support from Neil Deaking, Bobby Holley
  • default icons borrowed from Mozilla, Pidgin, Tango Desktop Project