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Pleroma is a selfhosted social network that uses OStatus/ActivityPub.

This repository is my attempt to dockerize it for easier deployment.


  • 100% generic
  • Everything is customizable
  • Everything is configurable through .env files
  • Zero special host dependencies
  • "It just works"


This repo assumes that you're using Træfik as your auto-configuring reverse proxy.


  • Make sure that m4 and docker-compose are installed
  • Check out this repo
  • Create your env file (cp .env.dist .env)
  • Edit the env values
  • Run ./pleroma build
  • Run ./pleroma run
  • ...
  • Profit!

Building an image

Since this setup injects code into pleroma that moves it's configuration into the environment (ref "The Twelve-Factor App"), the image is 100% reusable and can be shared/replicated across multiple hosts. To do that just run ./pleroma build as usual and then tag your image to whatever you want. Just make sure to start the container with env_file: or all required -e pairs.

Customizing Pleroma

Just add your customizations (and their folder structure) to custom.d.
They will be copied into the right place when the container starts.
You can even replace/patch pleroma's code with this, because the project is recompiled at startup.

In general: Prepending custom.d to pleroma's customization guides should work all the time.
Check them out in the official pleroma wiki.

Here are a few customization examples:

  • I want to have a custom thumbnail

    • Save it in custom.d/priv/static/instance/thumbnail.jpeg
  • I want to change the config.json.

    • Just use the template and save it in custom.d/priv/static/static/config.json
  • I want to change the background

    • Throw an image into custom.d/priv/static/static and then edit the config from above
  • I want a custom logo

    • See above
  • I need blobs. Give me emojis.

    • Save them in custom.d/priv/static/emoji. Then create and/or edit custom.d/config/custom_emoji.txt.
  • I want custom ToS

    • Throw a HTML document to priv/static/static/terms-of-service.html

You get the gist.
Pretty basic stuff.